eLogger CEO Visits Coastoil

For our CEO, Ron, March was for traveling, and he had the opportunity to visit with some of our customers in Mexico! Here’s his latest update in our new mini series “Mobile with Vogl”.

Coastoil Dynamic is a two year old company that operates natural gas refining plants. One of those is a pioneering project to increase the natural gas production in one of the most important fields for Mexico and the world: Ixachi field, the fourth-highest natural and condensate gas producing deposit.  The “Perdiz” Project treats up to 180 MMPCD of sour gas through an amine sweetening process.

Ron’s visit was timely, as Coastoil was having some IT-related issues setting up our software. Ron met with the project’s manager and IT specialist involved, and they took this opportunity to dive right in. Their conversations clarified on how to resolve the issues, and eLogger is now up and running.

We are excited to be part of their journey as a new company, continuing to grow and evolve with them.

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