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If you are a self-learner or work at a time that makes it hard to attend training sessions, then this post is for you!

Within our software, there are two different sets of training manuals available. A user manual designed for standard users and another manual designed for eLogger System Admins.

For the standard user manual, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Help link from any non-System Administrator page. This manual will outline all of the features currently available to you and basic instructions on how to use them. Release Notes are also available to outline any enhancements that have been made recently.

eLogger System Administrators can click on the System Administration tab and scroll to the bottom of any of the System Admin pages. Just like the user side, there is a Help manual to outline eLogger features as well as the Release Notes for this version. Access to short videos explaining how to perform common admin tasks in eLogger is available off of any System Administrator page as well.

Our Client Portal hosts many additional resources beyond what is in the software. This includes archived Release Notes as well as preconfigured templates that can be downloaded and used in your eLogger installation. If you’re looking for icons to associate with your different logs, there’s an icon library available as well. The eLogger Webinars option includes many training videos and webinars so even if you aren’t running the latest version of eLogger, you can still see the various webinars run in your current version.

Interested in accessing the client portal but you don’t have a user id? Simply request one here: https://www.elogger.com/client-portal/  (please note, this is a separate login from your eLogger software).

We would love your feedback if you would like to see some additional online content added. Feel free to drop us an email at  info@elogger.com.

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