To our eLogger Family and Friends,

We’re happy to announce some big changes in the eLogger world, as well as a commitment to things staying the same.

Twenty years ago we unknowingly embarked on a life-changing journey that would change our career paths and build a company that would allow us to work with some absolutely incredible people and companies. Back then, it was just the two of us: BJ’s understanding of industrial operations and Andrew’s understanding of how to build software, plus a whole lot of hoping we could convince some of you to entrust your operations to our vision. At first it was just one or two customers, and then it was a few more, and now you number in the hundreds. Thank you. Today, just as back then, we continue to be determined to uphold your trust in us in the most straightforward way: by delivering ever-better software that works the way you work.

Our operation now has twelve people, hardly a big company but more than we dared to dream of back at the beginning, and, more to the point, more than either of us ever envisioned managing. In considering what might be best for our customers, our employees, and our business, we started to think about how great it would be to add extra management expertise to allow us to focus on the things we love to do and are best at. Those thoughts eventually led us here:

We’re pleased to introduce you to Ron Vogl, the new CEO and majority owner of eLogger. He has a ton of experience in the software business, and he cares just as much as we do about delivering for you. Neither of us are going anywhere any time soon; but under Ron’s leadership, we’re excited to take eLogger’s products and business to a new level.

We’d be happy to talk over any concerns that you might have about this transition, over email, on the phone, or in person. Just drop us a line if you want to talk.

– BJ and Andrew


As I read BJ and Andrew’s words above, they resound with the two things I love most about eLogger, my two highest priorities in carrying the business forward.

The first is the focus on customer value and customer service. What got me into software in the first place, way back in high school when I got a summer job doing some programming, is the satisfaction in seeing people work better with the software I was making. And what later brought me to the business side of the industry is the conviction that the central mission of any successful software business is ensuring that customers consistently achieve the benefits that its products provide.

The second is the personal bonds. The depth of the relationships between and among eLoggians (if I may) and our customers and users is truly remarkable. I feel as if I am marrying into an extended family that is at the same time sprawling and close-knit.

Rest assured that continuity is very important to me, just as it is for BJ and Andrew.  You can expect the same wonderful employees, the same excellent product, and the same exceptional service that have always been the core of eLogger’s business.

I’d love to get to know this great family better, so I extend a similar invitation to BJ and Andrew’s one above: I’d love to chat. If you’re game, just let me know, and we’ll make it happen.


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