eLogger is a small, locally-owned company headquartered in Cloquet, Minnesota. If you have never heard of Cloquet, Minnesota, you are probably in pretty good company- although we do get national news attention at least once a year for how blisteringly cold it is up here (one of North America’s four coldest places!). Why would an international software company keep their offices in Cloquet, Minnesota, given any other choice? We all know the weather in Silicon Valley is always sunny and 70 degrees, so why do we stay here?

We’ll let you in on a little secret: It’s our people.

Northern Minnesota is an unusual place, famed for it’s industrial, manufacturing history, timber, mining, and shipping industries. We are a region built on hard work and respect for the weather- we love where we live, and we have to work hard to stay here. It’s something that is so deep in our bones that it’s reflected in our work ethic. Our region has some incredible demographics: we have unusually high terms of employment, worker retention, and overall job satisfaction. Maybe it’s Midwestern culture, maybe it’s the snow, or maybe it’s the legacy of farmers and miners whose boots we’re still wearing. Whatever it is, we’re keeping it: we bring heart to everything we do, and a commitment to both our clients and our employees’ success that you can really feel.

We’re a Midwestern company, and we mean to stay that way. We work hard, we play harder, and we approach every client relationship like we intend to keep it forever. Because we do.

Giving Back

eLogger is a small, locally-owned company headquartered in Cloquet, Minnesota. Founded in 1998, our company is dedicated to positively impacting the lives of our staff and those of our clients. Our software was built by operators, for operators, and our methodology has proven itself over the 20 years we’ve been in business. No one knows better how something should work, or could work better than the people using it every day. This foundational belief in the critical value of the experience of our customers makes it easy to work hard on their behalf: we believe our success is linked.

To us, customer satisfaction is not providing satisfactory service – it is satisfying customers’ needs, wants, and expectations. We know you wouldn’t settle for providing “satisfactory” service to your customers, and neither would we.