For more than twenty years, eLogger has designed electronic logbook software around the particular needs of energy companies, water municipalities, manufacturers, and government agencies (please take a look at our current client list, HERE). As our client portfolio has grown, it’s become increasingly clear to us that electronic logbooks need to be simple to use, utterly reliable, on top of new changes in new standards, rules, and regulations. It turns out, doing that for more than 300 facilities across myriad heavily-regulated industry clusters is a pretty big job. That’s why it’s all we do. We don’t support a catalog of products, of which electronic logs are one small possible selection. The kind of product we provide, with the kind of support we provide takes our full attention. After twenty years, you can likely imagine that we’ve gotten pretty good at making electronic logbooks. We don’t mean to brag, but if we’re being honest, we really have. (Don’t feel like you have to take our word for it. If you have time, take a look at our reviews, HERE.)

We come to every new client with decades of deep, hands-on experience, ready to find the easiest way to make the move to electronic logkeeping. We’re here to offer counsel and support, as much help as you need, and a firm and steady hand on our product. Most of our clients don’t know every way they’ll ultimately use eLogger, when they first start with us. What they know is that whatever direction they decide to take eLogger in, in their facilities, they have a seasoned team of experts, ready to help them make their ideas reality.

We don’t get distracted- electronic logbooks are all we do. Whether as a sounding board, service, or an appreciative audience, we’re here. You can count on it.