Built By Operators, For Operators

In the late 1990’s, a small group of manufacturing IT and plant management professionals struggled to clean up their logkeeping. They saw how software was making other areas of their facility run more smoothly, and they wondered if they could simplify daily operations and improve communications by making their everyday logkeeping electronic. Their goals were simple: No more flipping through endless pages of logbooks looking for information. No more deciphering handwriting that might have been written by ants that walked through an ink puddle. No more sending two people out to do the same job, because neither knew the other person was already headed out to do it. Their ground rules for the electronic logbooks were logical: it needed to work how they worked. They didn’t want to change how they did things to use software. They wanted software to make their jobs easier. No such software existed, so they decided they’d better build it. eLogger was born, in a small office in northern Minnesota. Built by operators, for operators.

More than 20 years and 300+ facilities later, eLogger still feels the same way about our software. That’s why eLogger is still built by operators. There’s simply no better way to make sure the software continues doing what it was built to do: make your job easier. Period.