Basin Electric Power Cooperative

Basin Electric Power Cooperative, a consumer-owned, regional generation and transmission (G&T) cooperative providing wholesale power to member rural electric systems in nine states, has purchased eLogger to support their operations and maintenance activities in their Bismarck, North Dakota location. Basin chose eLogger to centralize data from several plant and operating unit locations in one secure, accurate, readily-available and insightful system. Comprehensive reporting and analysis are key to Basin’s goals, as well as simplifying, centralizing, and standardizing their logs. The move will provide Basin unprecedented access to information, as well as manifold opportunities to impact operational continuity.

Basin Electric Power Cooperative provides reliable, low-cost wholesale power, along with value-added products and services to support and unite rural America. They are a member-owned, democratically controlled organization focused on professional excellence, social responsibility, a culture of safety and excellent member service.

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