eLogger CEO Visits EVM Energia

For our CEO, Ron, March was for traveling, and he had the opportunity to visit with some of our customers in Mexico! Here’s his latest update in our new mini series “Mobile with Vogl”. EVM Energia has the most modern plant in the country and the closest to Mexico City, located in a key place for the security of supply in the Valley of Mexico. They are running two central plants side by side. The first has a capacity of 100 MW, with three aeroderivative turbines configured in open cycle. The second (newer) plant is producing 850 MW and has two natural gas turbines, two heat recoverers and a steam turbine and is one of the most efficient plants in the country.

Ron met with the Plant Manager and one of the Operators on site. They had a good conversation on how eLogger has been an asset to their daily operations and spent time discussing areas of opportunity for growth. This includes integrating with other systems, utilizing graphs and getting more forms into eLogger.

EVM hit the ground running with eLogger and it was fun to see how far they’ve come with their build in less than a year!

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