City Utilities of Springfield

City Utilities of Springfield has purchased eLogger to simplify operations and maintenance for their power plant operations. Using eLogger, City Utilities of Springfield plans to support and consolidate access to plant operations data from multiple locations, offering both operators and management an easy way to keep track of daily activities, tasks, issues, and overall operations. eLogger will help City Utilities of Springfield’s operators make accurate and streamlined logbook entries, as well as simplifying and supporting workflow while connecting staff across all shifts and locations.

About City Utilities of Springfield
City Utilities of Springfield (CU) is a progressive, community-owned utility serving 320 square miles in southwest Missouri since 1945 with electricity, natural gas, water, broadband, and public transportation services. City Utilities is overseen by a governing board composed of local citizens. Over 111,000 CU customers enjoy electricity prices among the lowest in the United States, the convenience of one bill for all utilities, and dependable hometown services delivered with a personal touch.

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