“The biggest problem with eLogger, is that I no longer have a pen in my pocket. Thanks! eLogger rocks! It’s already making life easier!!!”
City of Punta Gorda, Tom

“eLogger is an incredible tool which can gather unlimited amounts of data while streamlining it into a simple searchable database. I recommend this software for any business which invests time on note taking, maintenance and requires immediate access to trending of data. BJ and her team have made valuable improvements over the last two years and will only improve more. The investment in this software is quite reasonable and the ROI is almost immediate.”
Global Foundries, Richard

“Thank you very much for everything you helped with.  I really appreciate it and just have to say eLogger’s customer support is really impressive.  With Jake’s technical support and Kevin’s training and advice I still do feel that this is the best support I have ever experienced from an outside vendor.”

“I would have to agree the support we have received from eLogger from the purchase to the present has been fantastic.  Keep up the great work.”
South Florida Water Management, Sally & Todd

“People have taken well to the eLogger product and as far as I know it has been one of the smoothest roll-outs of anything electronic since electricity was first discovered.”
Regional Wastewater Reclamation Dept – Pima County, Eric

“eLogger is working out very well for us. All of my staff have made positive comments about the system and seem to like it much better than the old paper log book.”
Children’s Mercy Hospital, Morris

“eLogger is highly customizable. We were able to design screens to capture the exact information we need. The interface is friendly and easy to navigate, which we find encourages use.”

“We have developed several other modules that track things as diverse as vendor performance and customer complaints. eLogger is so flexible that we are continually coming up with new ways to put it to work for us.”

“We strive to empower our staff with tools and information to help them do their jobs more safely and more efficiently. eLogger ensures that information is recorded and that the right people are notified.”
Liberty Paper, Lisa

“We are enjoying eLogger and find it very friendly, versatile and useful to use.”
Orlando Utilities Commission, Stanton Energy Center, Millard

“Hands down, best customer service EVER! I love working with everyone at eLogger.” Unitil, Michelle

Thanks Jake for all of your help today. We really appreciate it! You got us back on track and answered all of our questions. You definitely know your eLogger stuff!
DC Water, Larry & Miguel

“eLogger offers a user-friendly interface, rapid implementation, and excellent reporting capabilities.”

“The eLogger system was extremely well suited this task, because of its efficiency and simplicity of use. An asset was the easy set up process and not having to use a separate server, or employ another IT specialist to operate and implement it. The eLogger staff were always friendly and approachable, giving the impression that nothing was too much trouble to get our project over the line.”

“eLogger proved to be a very robust solution, we processed more than 50,000 log entries during the Olympic event alone.”
Contemporary Security Canada, Darren

“I have to say that eLogger is Rock SOLID. It works great!”
Vistra Energy – Morro Bay Power Plant, Michael

“eLogger was recently identified as a best practice in our ISO Audit.”
Kennedy Space Center, Merritt Island Launch Annex, Thomas

“As a public utility we cannot afford to let anything slip through the cracks; eLogger helps ensure we don’t miss a thing.”

“Using eLogger, we can effectively monitor every data point, feeding it into our reports to look for potential problem areas.”
Unitil, Stacey

“Your product works great for us. Your support has been great and we have no regrets.”
Kennedy Space Center, Merritt Island Launch Annex, Ernest