Cogentrix Energy (Central Plants)

Cogentrix Energy Power Management is preparing to start up their Central US Plants with eLogger for operational communications.  This includes six natural gas facilities, Tilton Energy, Rocky Road Power LLC, Elgin Energy Center LLC, Walton County Power, Sandersville Energy Facility, and CEPM.  Cogentrix began using eLogger’s electronic logbook solution in 2014, as Essential Power which was recently sold to Cogentrix.

Cogentrix is a leading independent power producer with a long track record of successfully acquiring, developing, constructing, operating and improving power generation assets. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Cogentrix serves as Carlyle’s power asset management platform (Carlyle Power Partners). Cogentrix manages Carlyle’s power portfolio, which has a total net generation of approximately six gigawatts throughout the U.S.

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