Customer Care….CRM

When it comes to our clients, our goal is to provide top notch service to ensure satisfaction and longevity. Meet AJ Cawcutt, our Client Relationship Manager. Her priority is to make sure our clients are happy and stay connected with each of them long term.

AJ is focused on learning the ins and outs of their company, including celebrations, Milestones, transitions, anything up and coming that we can help with. Building strong relationships with clients goes beyond just taking care of issues that arise, we want to be proactive in everything we do so that we can accommodate and make sure they are getting the best out of eLogger every single day.

Once you purchase eLogger or eLogger anywhere, she takes it from there acting as the liaison between the entire team. We approach every client relationship like we intend to keep it forever, because we do.

If you haven’t already connected with AJ, feel free to reach out!   Email:  Phone: (218) 389-4456

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We have some clients with multiple locations. Please be specific as to plant name.

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