Much of the power of eLogger comes from its flexibility and adaptability to specific needs. Using the Template feature, you may create your own custom data entry forms. You can add entirely new pages including the data fields you need to track. The Template is assigned to one or more Logs and can then be attached to a specific Location or Locations. The templates can be as simple – or as complex – as your needs require.

  • Specify the field-type (i.e. date, text, memo, dropdown, radio button).
  • Choose which fields are mandatory for your users to complete.
  • Allow validation on text fields (such as it has to be a number between 1 and 10).
  • Choose to display historical data when users are making entries.
  • Import data from an OLE DB-compliant source, such as a process historian or maintenance management system.
  • Control the sort order on the lists.
  • Specify fields or entire templates as read-only.
  • Set field specific default values.
  • Denote which fields are searchable by the eLogger search engine.
  • Specify the type of template (i.e. Single-Entry, Multi-Row Grid, External Data Query).

Single-Entry Template Examples

Single-Entry templates are used to collect a single set of data for a specific topic. (Click images to enlarge)

Multi-Row Template Examples

Multi-Row Grid templates are used to collect multiple rows of data for a specific topic. (Click images to enlarge)

Questionnaire Template Examples

Questionnaire templates are used to collect inspections and other pertinent data for your facilities.