eLogger to attend AREGC Conference

Work, work, work is ALL WE EVER DO. Sigh. For example, from June 24-27, 2018 we’ll be laboring away at the 69th annual Association of Rural Electric Generating Cooperatives (AREGC) Conference, held in Georgia’s famously gorgeous Lanier Islands. And to make matters worse, we’ll be surrounded by some of the power industry’s leading experts and professionals, learning more about how to better serve our power clients, and showcasing how we’ve been able to help our power clients make the leap from paper to electronic logkeeping. It’s a hard life, but we keep our chins up. If you’re stuck attending this backbreaking (awesome, beautiful) event, too, stop by and visit with Anna and BJ at booth #26. Meantime, just look at what we’ll have to endure (and put it in your budget for next year!):

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