eLogger Attended WTUI 2024

From March 24-26, an eLogger crew attended and manned a booth at the Western Turbine Users Conference (organized by WTU, Inc.).  We brought our largest ever crew, of 4 people, and man did we need all of those bodies.  What a great conference.  So many power gen eLogger customers stopped by to talk with us and partake of our official and unofficial goodies.  We always try to make it fun, and this year we had a punny lumberjack theme and ridiculous uniforms in eLogger orange.  We also gave away a Milwaukee power tool set (impact driver and hammer drill), which went to Tyson Chambers of Lincoln Electric Systems.

The WTUI leadership and staff always do such a great job, and we love that the conference is small enough that we have tight personal relationships with so many of them.  Please let us know about your favorite small conference; we’re looking for ideas. 

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