eLogger CEO Visits Orange Grove Energy

For our CEO, Ron, March was for traveling, and he had the opportunity to visit with some of our customers in California! Here’s his latest update in our new mini series “Mobile with Vogl”. Orange Grove Energy is a power plant located in Northern San Diego County. Operated by NAES, OGE is a peaker plant with two simple-cycle turbines, producing approximately 100 MW.

During his time there, Ron met with the Plant Manager and O&M Technician. It’s always a great pleasure to hear how they’re utilizing eLogger and seeing some of those things first hand. OGE recently started using our offline module, eLogger Anywhere, for daily rounds. In further conversation, Ron was able to point out a few more eLogger capabilities that would enhance their daily routines. More specifically, they talked about GADS reporting and ways to streamline some of that data. It’s always worth a visit when you walk out with a project plan to make our customers happy and excited to do more within eLogger!

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