eLogger CEO Visits Western Water

For our CEO, Ron, March was for traveling, and he had the opportunity to visit with some of our customers in California! Here’s his latest update in our new mini series “Mobile with Vogl”. Western Water is one of the largest public agencies in Riverside County providing water, wastewater (sewer), and recycled water services to nearly 1 million people, both wholesale and retail customers, across 527-square miles in western Riverside County.

Ron spent time with the Assistant Deputy Director of Operations. eLogger came into play during the pandemic and it helped them substantially through those times of transition. Having segregation among teams and needing a better way to communicate, paper logs were no longer an option. Since then, Western Water has been using eLogger for LOTO and they’re working towards implementing eLogger Anywhere, our offline module, to replace their paper log sheets. It’s always great to have the opportunity to visit with customers onsite, seeing first hand how they’re utilizing eLogger. We’re even taking some ideas back with us on ways to enhance their use!

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