eLogger New Release

The time has come!! We have a new release that adds new features that enhance the overall user experience, making your utilization of eLogger simple and precise. This one is BIG!

The biggest new feature is called  embedded searches! With this capability, you can record a custom search result in a log entry, commonly useful for shift turnover reports.

Some of our customers are already using our External Data Query (EDQ) functionality to do this, but embedded searches build the template for you based on the search results and let you set up your logs without any custom SQL code.

Anything you can build a saved search to find can now be included on your shift handover entries, with all of the associated power of acknowledgements/alerts/reporting.

That’s not all, we have more enhancements that you’ll benefit from!

  • A new full admin tab for Shared Searches! As frequently requested, saved searches are no longer restricted to a single user group and can easily be shared between groups. YES!
  • We have added Italian Translations, this is huge and we’re excited to add this to our list of languages we offer!

You can find the full list of release notes for our newest features in our client portal at https://www.elogger.com/client-portal. If you’re not yet registered, you’re only a few simple clicks away to gain access to some great eLogger resources!

For more information on the new features, please contact our support team at support@elogger.com and upgrade today!

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