eLogger Site Tune Ups!

We are scheduling site tune ups again! If you’ve been utilizing eLogger for a year or more and are current with your maintenance, you are eligible to schedule. We currently have openings on our calendar.

There are so many benefits to scheduling.

  • This is a free consultation with the entire eLogger Team! A new set of eyes on your configuration is sure to bring many suggestions for increased efficiency and helpful hints for your operations.
  • We will walk you through any tips and tricks on how to enhance what you’re already doing, making it even easier to use eLogger. Less, is more!
  • It’s the perfect time to ask questions, suggest enhancements & learn – we have our developers on the call and they are eager for you to point out areas of improvement to make eLogger even better.
  • We suggest upgrading to the newest version, prior to the site tune up – this way we can show you how the newest features benefit your daily work.
  • There is ALWAYS a take away!

To get yours on our calendar this summer, contact AJ Cawcutt at acawcutt@elogger.com for availability.

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We have some clients with multiple locations. Please be specific as to plant name.

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