eLogger to be a sponsor for Best Christmas Ever

eLogger Inc. is proud to be a sponsor of Best Christmas Ever (BCE). BCE is a group of friends and local businesses that came together in 2011 to help just one family in a major way by giving them the Best Christmas Ever!

A typical “Best Christmas Ever” is a surprise delivery of car loads of gifts that are collected and raised specifically for a family based on their specific needs and desires, making it literally the Best Christmas Ever! Families have no idea that they are receiving this $5,000+ gift until it arrives! Fast forward to 2017 with 100 families being blessed with this life-changing event.

Nominations are now open at https://www.bce.movement.org/nominate-a-family/. If you know of a family who is suffering through hard times through no fault of their own, please nominate them for a BCE. You cannot nominate yourself and the family that is nominated must have school-age children in the household.

Great job BCE! We love the difference you are making.

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