eLogger Trainer Visits Dakota Gasification

Earlier this month, Kevin headed West to work on site with Dakota Gasification in Beulah, ND.  This is an area that may not be known as a vacation hotspot, but from an eLogger perspective, it was nothing short of impressive. It was Kevin’s first trip that far west into North Dakota and you could see views for days – it was so open! Even more impressive was Dakota Gasification. The plant is much bigger than expected and the tour was incredible. He had a great learning experience on the processing of natural gas and how everything is done within the plant. 

Kevin worked for three days with two great eLogger system administrators, Toni Moore and Dan Madche. They created a way to improve how they collect safety shower inspections and tank inspections in eLogger. Because of some of the improvements they were making, they were able to retire a number of logs and templates. It was a busy three days, but three days well spent. Toni and Dan were so inviting and prepared – it made for a really enjoyable site visit. Kevin walked away impressed with the way the plant operates. Thank you for welcoming him in and showing us how eLogger has been an integral part of your operations!

During his time in ND, Kevin also visited another eLogger customer – Basin Electric Power Cooperative’s Antelope Valley Power Station. He met the two system administrators, Angie Wick and Allison Zeller-Winkler. They showed him their eLogger setup and explained how the numerous plants were using eLogger to collect a great deal of data. Kevin spent a little over an hour with them talking about the data they are collecting in eLogger and their experience as system administrators. They have a substantial number of users, logs and templates – again, he walked away very impressed with what they’ve accomplished.   

“I want to personally thank Toni and Dan at Dakota Gasification, along with Angie and Allison at Antelope Valley Station for allowing me to visit and work with them on site.  I always enjoy working with clients on site and seeing what they do on a daily basis, along with seeing how they all use eLogger day in and day out.” – Kevin Haley

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