eLogger Trainer visits Lansing Board of Water and Light

Earlier this May, Kevin had the opportunity to work with 3 plants in the Lansing Board of Water and
Light. During his visit, he worked at a different plant each day. The first day of the visit took him to the
REO Power plant in downtown Lansing, MI. I worked with Chad Koontz and Josh Zussman on building
out their fire extinguisher inspection forms in eLogger. I showed them how they can use the prefilled
entry functionality to make it easier for the operators to collect the data.

Kevin’s second day took him to the Dye Water Plant control room to work with Michael Carie and other
operators on learning how to take their hourly readings in eLogger Anywhere; along with building out
their AED inspection checklist templates. Michael took me into the control room and explained their
water treatment process and how the whole process works. It was very interesting. We then met with
some of the operators and reviewed their hourly reading sheets. Kevin then worked with them on the
tables on how they will begin taking their hourly readings using eLogger Anywhere. After showing how
eLogger Anywhere works to take readings and syncing some test entries into eLogger, the day ended
with Michael taking Kevin around the plant and showing him the architecture and paintings. The
building was built during the Great Depression and the paintings show the effects water can have on the
land and people.

Kevin’s last day in Lansing took him to the Delta Energy Park power plant to work with Allison Schluchter
and Scott Mills. Kevin spent the day working with Allison on building out their GADS template and
custom saved search, along with a custom search and summary entry that gets emails out once a
month. It consisted of an embedded search template that pulls a month’s worth of data then gets
emailed out to people within the plant. Kevin also worked with Scott and Allison on getting their tablets
up and running so they could use eLogger Anywhere to capture their plant readings in the plant and in
the gas compressor building. The day ended with Allison taking Kevin on a tour of the plant.

I want to thank all those I met with during my trip to Lansing. You all were great to work with, and very
accommodating. It was three very productive days and I learned a great deal about the power and
water industries. – Kevin Haley

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