eLogger Training Manager Onsite Visit with Onward Energy

Our Training Manager, Kevin Haley, had a very productive onsite visit with one of customers in November. We have been partnered with Onward Energy since 2019 and they have continued to evolve their use of eLogger over the last handful of years. Kevin was asked to come onsite to offer his expertise, reviewing their current structure and helping to enhance Onward’s utilization across the board. Below is Kevin’s POV on his visit:

“I had a great visit with Jon Caccamise and his team at Arapahoe! On the first day, I spent a majority of my time with James, an Arapahoe control room operator along with the eLogger system administration team. We reviewed their current setup and added in more templates to make inputting data quicker and more efficient. We also set up some saved searches so the operators have data at the click of a button. At the end of my visit Mike, one of Arapahoe’s control room operators brought me on a tour of the facility – it is always nice to be able to see first-hand everything our customers have been telling us about. He gave me a thorough tour of the plant and explained the process of how they generate power.

Quick shout out to Ms. Cathy – Thank You for recommending visiting Red Rocks! This was my first time to Colorado – it was a beautiful area and I enjoyed a nice hike.

The second day was at Onward Energy’s Remote Operation Center in downtown Denver. The ROC runs all of Onward Energy’s renewable energy sites. Tony was great to work with. We built out 5 log types and a number of templates they are going to be using for data collection from their wind and solar sites all across the country.

I’d like to thank everyone at Onward Energy for a great visit. I enjoyed working with their entire team.” – Kevin Haley, eLogger Training Manager

Our goal is to ensure that you’re getting the best out of eLogger. Conducting a site visit has been valuable for both the customer and the eLogger team. Stay tuned for our customer’s point of view on their experience having eLogger onsite!


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