eLogger Verison 2017.3 Released

eLogger Version 2017.3 has been released and Release Notes are now available on the client portal. For companies under maintenance contract, you can schedule an upgrade by emailing support@elogger.com.

We have posted a video and a written document to the client portal outlining all of the new features. Be sure to log in and grab a copy.

A few of the highlights in the new version are:

  • eLogger has a new field type called calculated fields that will allow you to add, subtract, multiply, divide, and much more.
  • eLogger now has a fourth type of Alert called “Assign Acknowledgers”. You no longer have to manually assign acknowledgements!
  • eLogger’s new Custom Results allow you to create custom PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, and custom View Logs Tabs, all based on Saved Searches.
  • There’s a new feature called “Prefilled Entries”. This feature will allow administrators to prefill a log entry for users to select when they use the Add New Entry feature.

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