eLogger’s Training Manager Visits Carroll County Energy

A couple weeks back our Training Manager, Kevin Haley, had the opportunity to travel to Ohio for a site visit with one of our clients – Carroll County. These types of visits are especially valuable for both the client and eLogger. That one on one time is crucial and allows everyone to focus on the task at hand to really dig in to what eLogger has to offer.

Kevin worked with their two lead system administrators, who were extremely helpful throughout the entire build. They worked together building templates then conducted testing on both eLogger and eLogger Anywhere to ensure everything was running smoothly. After testing, they would tweak and modify as needed to make it easy for operator use. Throughout his three-day visit, together they completed 16 logs, 7 prefilled entries, 9 scheduled entries, 91 templates, one user group and a new alert for operators during shift. Now that’s time well spent!

Kevin expressed that Carroll County was one of the cleanest plants he has ever been to. The control room and administrative building were spotless. He was able to see firsthand how the operators work during each shift, putting a great visual into the work they do within eLogger. They also included a short tour of the facilities and blackstart generator building – what a great way to see full circle how eLogger has been a part of their daily workflow!

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