EthosEnergy Australia

EthosEnergy, has purchased eLogger to support their operations and maintenance activities in their Australia location. EthosEnergy currently utilizes eLogger in several other power generation facilities on two continents to consolidate each plant’s data into a single, readily available and malleable centralized narrative. Compliance reporting, plant insight, and operational information can be easily standardized and streamlined using the eLogger platform, which will offer EthosEnergy both per-plant insight and uniformity of information across many plant locations. Using eLogger offers EthosEnergy the opportunity to make even more efficiency improvements, and takes a bold step toward achieving operational awareness.

EthosEnergy is a leading independent service provider of rotating equipment services and solutions to the power, oil & gas and industrial markets. Globally, these services include power plant engineering, procurement and construction; facility operations & maintenance; design, manufacture and application of engineered components, upgrades and re-rates; repair, overhaul and optimization of gas and steam turbines, generators, pumps, compressors and other high-speed rotating equipment. Find more at

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