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Fundamentals of eLogger

Date(s) - June 7th, 2022
10:00 am CST - 11:00 am CST
  • Description
    • The Fundamentals of eLogger class covers the administration side of Locations, Logs, Shifts, Crews, Users and User Groups.
  • Goals
    • By the end of training, system administrators will have seen examples of a location hierarchy and logs, how to import users and create user groups and set up shifts and crews
    • After training, system administrators will have the tools and knowledge to make a basic log entry in their eLogger system
  • Who Should Attend
    • System administrators who are new to eLogger, or those that need a refresher in the basic setup of eLogger
  • Objectives
    • By the end of training, system administrators will:
      • Be able to create and/or modify a location hierarchy.
      • Understand the purpose of shifts and how they are created/maintained in eLogger.
      • Understand how crews relate to the log entry process in eLogger.
      • Be able to create logs (categories of information) and associate them with specific locations.
      • Understand how to import users from active directory and be able to view users who are set up in eLogger.
      • Be able to create User Groups, assign security permissions to logs and locations for those groups, and give the ability to assign acknowledgers to users in that particular group.
      • Be able to make entries in eLogger, and see examples of log entries and how to assign acknowledgers.