The security system in eLogger lets you control who can view, create, edit, and delete entries. Entries can become read-only after a set amount of time, or specific parts of the entry can be read-only. Every edit is tracked and accessible via the audit reports. eLogger Security Fact Sheet


eLogger can take many actions when important entries are made.  It can trigger emails, internal notifications, color coding, and/or request acknowledgement from specific users. These alerts can be triggered by conditions you define, such as a reading exceeding a set value.  Emails include a PDF report of the entire entry and a hyperlink back to eLogger.

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Instant access to historical data available while you are inputting new information.  Choose to display 5-30 of the previous values on the fly. Numerical results are displayed in a chart with upper and lower limits identified. Text data is displayed in a bar chart.

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eLogger can import data from OLE DB/ODBC-compliant sources, such as PI or other data historians, maintenance management systems, or enterprise systems. This feature can also be used to summarize multiple eLogger records and roll them into a single entry. Shift turnovers very frequently utilize this feature to combine data from multiple systems onto one summarized entry. Importing Exporting Fact Sheet

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Data Retrieval and Display Options

Design your own reports under our Search feature by establishing criteria, creating the title and columns to display, as well as the orientation.  Once complete, these custom reports can be identified as your favorite and/or shared with other users.  If you want to do something really fancy, you can certainly write your own reports using the report writer of your choice, and pointing it directly at the eLogger SQL database.

  • Quick Search – Find a given word or words in any part of the log entry.
  • Advanced Search – Search specific fields for key values.
  • Saved Search – Identify your favorite searches and make them easily accessible to you and anyone you choose to share them with.
  • Excel export – Send your results to Excel for further analysis.
  • Historical Data Charts – Choose to display your search results in a bar or line chart, dependent on the type of data being displayed.
  • Hard copies – Get a PDF copy of a given entry, or and entire set of search results.
  • Custom reports – Write your own reports against our Microsoft SQL Server database.

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Composite Searches

Users have the ability to create a saved search compromised of additional saved searches. Composite searches give you the convenience of having everything you need in one spot. You can add any combination of standard saved searches, custom saved searches, or charting in one easy to use interface.

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Full Audit Trail

If you allow your users to edit logs, eLogger’s powerful audit feature tracks who changed it, what they changed, when they changed it, and what the previous value was.


Create reminders to let employees know that an entry needs to be made on a specific date at a specific time. That time can be as frequent as every minute or as infrequent as once a year. Denote certain entries as mandatory so that users are prevented from making any other entries until they have made the entry that you have mandated.

Spell Checking, Formatting, and Sorting

Log entries are neatly formatted on your screen, displaying only what you want to see, in the order you want to see it. Spell check and formatting (i.e. bold, underline, fonts, colors) are available.

Log entries are neatly formatted on your screen, displaying only what you want to see.


Users have the option of adding an unlimited number of documents, links and/or images to the Log entry.

Announcements, Bulletins, and Notifications

Easily keep your employees informed with system-wide announcements, site-specific bulletins, or utilize eLogger’s own internal communication system to notify users that something important is happening.

Customer Support/Annual Maintenance

eLogger prides itself on excellent U.S. based customer support. When you call support you will speak to a person, not a machine. Annual Maintenance includes unlimited customer support, unlimited administrator training that includes access to training videos, numerous interactive training sessions and one-on-one customized training, periodic upgrades, and annual product enhancements. You’ll also receive access to our Client Portal, which is filled with a wealth of template examples that you can download for your own system.


Provide an electronic record that entries have been read by users you specifically select to acknowledge and track the status of who has and has not acknowledged the entry

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Language Support

eLogger is available in English, Spanish, German, French and French-Canadian. The language is based on the language that the user’s browser is set to.

  • Hello and welcome to eLogger.
  • Hola y bienvenido a eLogger.
  • Hallo und willkommen bei eLogger.
  • Bonjour et bienvenue sur eLogger.
  • Bonjour et bienvenue sur eLogger.


Our API allows you to build integrations that create, modify, and delete entries in eLogger.

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Time Zone Support

eLogger can handle multiple time zones in a single installation. Most of these changes are handled behind the scenes. The system administration has the ability to set proper time zones for required entries, individual users and shifts. Across the board, this will automatically adjust so the time stamps you see are defaulted based on your time zone.