Grant Public Utility District

Grant Public Utility District, a nonprofit, community-owned and governed utility that provides both electric and wholesale broadband services, has purchased eLogger to support their electric generation operations in Eastern Washington. Grant selected eLogger to simplify, standardize, and centralize data from two operating unit locations. The platform will provide Grant with a single vista on which to evaluate the whole of electric operations, and provide a compliant, secure, accurate, and easy-to-use system in which to store their logs. Selecting eLogger offers Grant significant time-savings, both in their operations and in the efforts they would otherwise undertake to accommodate the inevitable shift from paper to electronic logbooks.

Established by local residents over 75 years ago, Grant PUD generates and delivers energy to millions of customers throughout the Pacific Northwest. What began as a grassroots movement of public power has evolved into one of the premiere providers of renewable energy at some of the most affordable rates in the nation.

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