Built By Operators,
For Operators

Developed in real world environments

eLogger was not developed by some software engineers in a shiny white conference room. It was developed in a plant environment by operators to solve actual challenges they faced in their day-to-day activities. Since our inception, we have approached eLogger’s development with a strictly operator-centric methodology: our software has been built in response to the needs and requests of the operators and supervisory staff of our clients using it. And it shows. Ask any of our nearly 350 facilities or their tens of thousands of users and they’ll tell you eLogger works for operators because it was designed by them, for them.

Recording that just works.

Operators are tasked with recording a wide range of information and events throughout their shift while performing other duties and staying alert to conditions. It matters that great care has been put into each of eLogger’s quality-of-life features, like simplifying and minimizing the number of mouse clicks to accomplish tasks and sort entries. It matters that eLogger is designed to organize and streamline information into logical actionable formats tailored to various user roles. After all, the best electronic logbook solution is the one that can meet all of your functional needs AND the one everyone will actually use and enjoy.

It’s All We Do

We do it well

Unlike other providers who include an electronic logging component as part of a larger software package or suite of products, eLogger is not a small part of a larger portfolio, it’s all we do. We’re not burdened by other IT issues, along with the demands of all the departments of the whole facility/company or focused on other product offerings. We do this one thing, with the intention of doing it better than anyone else.

Keeping Pace with you.

It turns out that creating and supporting a stable, robust logbook platform that grows easily with changing regulations and actual operational needs is a full-time job. Several, in fact. We have a full staff of programmers and support personnel whose focus is divided between what our clients are saying they need and how to make that happen in eLogger in ways everyone can benefit from. We release an updated version approximately every 12 months. We’re not doing this to see if people are paying attention. We’re doing it because that’s the pace that software and regulations change. And of course, we have an entire team of support staff here and ready to help answer questions, consult, solve difficult problems and make sure you’re getting the most out of your eLogger system, all the time. Anything less is not enough to meet the present-day operational and functional needs of our client base and their regulatory requirements.

Swiss Army Knife Versatility

Adapting to your needs, not the other way around

There’s nothing like a well-placed analogy to make a point. Given eLogger’s multi-purpose utility and adaptability, it’s no surprise eLogger is often referred to as the trusty Swiss Army Knife of electronic logbooks and other similar operational data reporting tools. At its core, eLogger is a collection of innovative solutions all rolled into one comprehensive reliable system that can support multiple needs across multiple facilities and multiple groups. eLogger is a log book, a rounds-keeper, a compliance reporting tool, a shift hand-over solution, a management of change process application, a system to connect all your other disparate, disjointed systems, such as data historians, SCADA, and Maintenance/Asset Management Systems and more. Add to this the ability to trend, prioritize, flag, alert, email, and acknowledge (e-signoff) any/all of the above and you have a smart tool with infinite uses that you can count on anywhere.

Know-How Combined With Continuous Improvement

1000's updates and counting.

Our more than 22 years of experience providing electronic logbook solutions to some of the most respected leading energy, water, wastewater, oil, gas, utilities, mining, chemical, and manufacturing companies in the world has armed us with more than an impressive client list. And since more than 90% of eLogger’s features are derived from our clients you can imagine how their influence has shaped eLogger over these decades to make it empirically befitting for the needs of the industries we serve. We start with a level of maturity that would take other partners years to achieve. But we don’t rest on our laurels. Unlike other static solutions, we don’t imagine ourselves ever being done making eLogger better. The fact that we’re constantly improving eLogger in this tailored fashion is another really strong differentiator.




of Updates

Low IT Involvement

Keeping the burden off your IT department.

We often hear that our clients' in-house IT resources are already overburdened and they need a solution that's proven, ready, and fully supported. Your eLogger System Administrator will likely be an operator or business manager at your facility. This is important because it’s the first way eLogger protects against the overuse of critical and constrained IT resources. eLogger is fundamentally designed to be configured and used by operational personnel. This model is purposefully advantageous in that it doesn’t necessitate a large investment in IT support and consulting. Removing or reducing the impact and costs of IT resources to institute a new software package addresses one of the biggest concerns clients have. You’ll need your IT staff to install eLogger (with our guidance), and possibly to help our team configure any external system integrations or perform the occasional upgrade. Otherwise, anything else that needs doing should be possible for your operational staff to do alone or together with us, simply and economically.

Scalable Platform That Won’t Keep You Reaching For Your Wallet

When we say it’s included we mean it.

eLogger’s centralized comprehensive system can support multiple needs across multiple facilities and multiple groups, as you choose. eLogger offers a pricing scheme that’s designed to be equally inclusive and comprehensive and does not have hidden fees, multiple modules to buy, or per-transaction support and implementation costs that rack up. Unlike others, we do not charge for every new log type or form, or support call, or configuration change request, or additional training. Training, updates, upgrades, new versions, configuration consultation, technical support, even assistance with external system integrations are included in our pricing methodology. We know everyone appreciates transparency and fewer checks to write. Investing in a software solution doesn’t need to be a money faucet. And we’ll happily put that in writing.

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