Clear, Insightful, Common-Sense Logbooks

All plants have demanding regulations and detailed tracking requirements. Unfortunately for the folks trying to meet those strict regulatory requirements, power plant technology, regulatory and financial requirements vary so much between facilities that no single software solution exists that encompasses them all. This makes it hard for power generators to simplify their log keeping, which leaves a whole lot of you either staring down that green ledger, or cobbling together some combination of spreadsheets, documents, and possibly a la carte software to make sense of daily log keeping.

At eLogger, we know that regulators demand compliance, and we know the rules are always subject to change. We know you have a large amount of data to track, much equipment to monitor, multiple locations, and a number of users, each requiring varying degrees of access. We know because we work for hundreds of power industry facilities. And although every single one is different, they need similar things from their logbooks: transparency, efficiency, better communications, and accountability. eLogger is built around these four goals.

Power clients’ success often hinges on the talent and success of their operators. eLogger is designed by operators, for operators. The software is configured to be as minimal a distraction from the work your team is doing as possible. Your software shouldn’t dictate your workflow- your workflow should determine the way your software works. The organization of information in eLogger makes your logbooks clear, insightful, and most of all, common-sense. It’s easy to find your information in eLogger because it will be where you’d think it would be.

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