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Among the many broad industry categories we typically serve, eLogger has continued to branch out making way into all different types of industries around the world.  And although every single one is different, they need similar things from their logbooks: transparency, efficiency, better communications, and accountability. eLogger is built around these four goals. Based on each specific need, we have found ways to customize the platform for these industries, proving success in overall operations. eLogger has been actively growing within the following industries:

  • Education
  • Laboratories
  • Medical
  • Mining
  • Travel

eLogger is used in a variety of ways. Different sites use eLogger for different things, which is why customization is key when it comes to your daily operations.


Safety is high on the list for any running operation. Beyond your typical safety reports, some of our manufacturing companies have created their own equipment safety and repair checks. Within eLogger, they are able to track each individual piece of equipment to ensure everything is up to code. This information is easily searchable and they have the entire history of each piece of equipment at their fingertips.


Laboratories are constantly measuring and comparing test samples throughout the day. It is imperative that levels fall within a certain range for a safe operation. eLogger can calculate, chart and create reports based on your specifications. This helps with sustainability, consistency and prevention of unsafe conditions for your daily operations.

Regulatory Compliance Reporting

Every organization strives to meet regulations and keep policies in place. eLogger can be customized based on specific daily, monthly or annual reports that may need to be sent to other entities, or departments within the company. Implementation of these types of reports has increased across most industries. Using calculations, data transfers and audit trails help manage their compliance data more efficiently.

Operator Rounds and Inspections

Throughout the day, before and after each shift, rounds and inspections are to be completed. Often, employers found that not everything was being completed or check lists were varying causing error or heightening risk. Using an Operator Log or Inspection Log helps to eliminate these errors, ensuring that each area, floor and item has been inspected thoroughly with each operator round.

Visitor Log

Throughout the day there are several visitors coming and going from your facility. Whether it is a scheduled meeting, delivery or walk-in, it’s important to know who is on company grounds. Most clients using eLogger have created a visitor log to keep buildings secure and employees safe. It is extremely important to have this ability to track, search and communicate amongst your team. If there is ever a time where issues arise, you can easily trace any given day, time and building.

Training Tracking

Training and meetings are crucial and a common piece of everyday operations within any Company. Whether daily, weekly, monthly or annually it’s important to have systems in place to keep record of attendance, agenda, assigned tasks and presentation notes. Thus, keeping employees and employers accountable for training opportunities and communication.

Management of Change (MOC)

Management of Change usually involves a lot of communication, and then more communication. One thing we know, change is constant. With each company, comes different types of challenges and the MOC helps to keep the work flow and communication up to speed, minimizing risk across the company. Creating this type of log allows you to communicate with ALL involved, keeping every one up to date with any change to procedures, equipment, or critical business system.

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