If your organization needs to track conditions, states, or activities – eLogger electronic logbook software can work for you. In addition to the broad industry categories we feature here, eLogger is in successful use in the following industries:

  • Entertainment
  • Brewing
  • Education
  • Travel (airports, hotels)
  • Manufacturing
  • Laboratories

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eLogger Use in a Laboratory Setting

Below is an example of how eLogger is being used in a national laboratory setting by Laboratory Shift Superintendent (LSS) and Control Center Assistant (CCA) staff.

The LSS Routine Checklist is completed by each shift which equates to two completed checklists daily. Checklist is used to provide a record and to identify issues of specific equipment and duties required for each LSS/CCA. Checklist was developed to reduce Log entries for redundant check and inspections which expedited log review especially for weekend and holidays.