JX Nippon Chemical Texas

Our newest welcome to the eLogger Family, JX Nippon! JX Nippon Chemical Texas Incorporated is a part of JXTG Holdings, Inc., specialty chemical division. JX NCTI is Specialty Aromatic Solvents, located on the Pasadena Texas site. SAS’s product line is globally recognized in the markets they serve. They also specialize onsite with Ethylidene Norbornene. ENB is primarily used in the production of certain grades of EPDM rubber.

JX NCTI operators will be utilizing our offline module, eLogger Anywhere, for their daily reading, inspections and additional shift reports when out in the field. This will eliminate the old paper logs and forms. Increasing the ability to search, communicate and keep operations running smoothly. We’re happy to be partnering with the JX Nippon Team!

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