Klickitat PUD

A big eLogger welcome goes out to Klickitat Public Utilities District, serving all of Klickitat County in the state of Washington. Klickitat PUD contacted eLogger to assist them with operational record and log keeping for their renewable natural gas project.  They will begin producing and selling renewable natural gas, which is the currently used to generate electricity at the landfill in Roosevelt.  With current and forecasted market prices for renewable electricity, there is more value in selling the renewable fuel than using it for power generation.

Klickitat PUD was formed in 1938 to provide electrical services in the county, and has grown from the original 2,800 customers to 12,377 as of 12/31/2014.  Their main office is located in Goldendale with a branch office in White Salmon.  Klickitat PUD provides service to several communities throughout their wide-spread county including Roosevelt, Bickleton, Alderdale, Maryhill, Dallesport, Klickitat, Lyle, Snowden, Trout Lake, Glenwood, Centerville, White Salmon, Bingen, High Prairie, Appleton, Husum, Wishram, and Goldendale.  Klickitat PUD also manages water and wastewater systems in several of these smaller communities.

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