Lake County Sheriff’s Adult Corrections

The Lake County Sheriff’s Adult Corrections facility in Waukegan, IL has purchased eLogger to replace their manual logbooks  used in their facility.

The current Lake County Sheriff’s Adult Corrections Facility opened March 10, 1989, replacing a 20-year old facility, and operates under the direction of Sheriff Mark C. Curran, Jr. and his correction’s management team. In January 2012, the Lake County Jail successfully garnered its third consecutive accreditation from the American Correctional Association. Standards set by ACA reflect practical up-to-date policies and procedures and function as a management tool for agencies and facilities throughout the world. Benefits of being an accredited facility include improvement of staff training and development, establishing measurable criteria for upgrading operations, improving staff morale and professionalism, creating a safer environment for staff and offenders, providing performance-based benefits and reducing liability insurance costs. In addition, the Adult Corrections Facility complies with the Federal Prison Rape and Elimination Act (PREA).

According to Illinois law, an inmate may be sentenced to a county jail for no more than 364 days. The Adult Corrections Facility maintains the capacity to house 740 inmates.

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