Little Blue Valley Sewer District

Please join us in welcoming the Little Blue Valley Sewer District as our newest eLogger user in the Waste/Water Industry.  The Little Blue Valley Sewer District was incorporated in 1968 and was formed for the purpose of complying with federal and state water quality regulations. State regulations for the Little Blue River required the elimination of all “municipal or industrial effluents, except unpolluted cooling water, in the Little Blue River”.  The total land area served by the District is approximately 278 square miles.

The Wastewater Treatment Department is accountable for processing all wastewater entering the facility which includes effectively operating a biological treatment process, a solids process that includes concentrators, presses, a low pressure oxidation system, a fluid bed incinerator, and a generator that produces electricity with steam produced by the burning of by-products. The department is also accountable for the scrubbing of odors before being discharged into the atmosphere and the continued search for and elimination of all potential odors.

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