Live United Day 1

This week is Minnesota United Acts of Kindness Week and eLogger is kicking it off with a bang!  This is a week dedicated to promoting kindness, generosity, and love through acts of kindness toward friends, neighbors, and strangers alike. A simple act of kindness can change someone’s day and can spark a chain reaction.

The effort is the work of 40 United Ways across the state of Minnesota. So, every day this week, eLogger will post something and we’re hoping you all will step up and join us! Today we’re supporting the United Way with a cash donation. If you want to join us, donations can be made here.  That said, it doesn’t take much and most of the time no money to be kind, so each day this week, we’ll add a few options for you to try.  Today, let’s all do one of the following and comment below when you’re done!

1.      Hold the door open for someone
2.      Return someone’s grocery cart.
3.      Go to your local school and pay for someone’s past due lunch tickets.
4.      Donate to your local food shelf.
5.      Buy coffee or a meal for the person in line behind you.

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