Live United Day 2

This is Day Two of Minnesota United Acts of Kindness Week and with the holidays fast approaching, eLogger is stepping it up to help a couple of local families who have fallen on tough times through no fault of their own to have their Best Christmas Ever. By helping us out with this, you can change the projection of a family’s life. Let’s be unreasonably generous this holiday season because as everyone knows, alone we can do so little…together we can do so much”. SO LET’S DO IT!! You can donate by clicking on one of the links below. If you’d rather supply a gift, write a comment below and we can get you a list.


If you’d prefer to show your kindness in another way, here are some additional options.  Be sure to comment below and let us know what’s happening!

1.      Buy some school supplies for a teacher.
2.      Call someone you’ve been out of touch with.
3.      Say hello to everyone you see.
4.      Volunteer at your favorite organization.
5.      Bring your neighbor’s garbage cans up for them.

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