Live United Day 5

Today is Day Five and the final day of Minnesota United Acts of Kindness Week ( We’re happy to join with our friends at Reliable Insurance Agency to provide outerwear to the United Way. The United Way will distribute all of this to the agencies in need.

While this is the last day of this week, the giving and the kindness doesn’t have to and shouldn’t stop. eLogger is committed to giving back and today we are pledging to donate a minimum of 5% of 2020 gross product sales to various non-profit groups. Will your company step up and join us?

Don’t forget to show some kindness today…here are some more ideas.

1. Support a local business.
2. Pay for a stranger’s layaway purchase.
3. Babysit for free for a friend.
4. Just smile…smile at everyone!
5. During your commute, let another car go in front of you.

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