Longroad Energy

eLogger is proud to welcome Longroad Energy, a Boston, MA-headquartered renewable energy developer, to our family of clients. Longroad is focused on the development and operation of wind and solar energy projects throughout North America, and selected eLogger to assist in the initial, critical phase of start-up for their new solar and wind facilities. eLogger will help Longroad to manage their assets from an operational perspective, creating one central location in which data from many locations can be accumulated, evaluated, and summarized. The readily-accessible cache of critical information will allow operators and management a heightened level of transparency, better communications, and overall advantages in efficiency and accountability- two areas in which Longroad Energy is committed to excellence.

About Longroad Energy Holdings, LLC

Founded in 2016, Longroad Energy Holdings, LLC is focused on renewable energy project development in the United States. Longroad also provides asset management and operation and maintenance services.

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