Meet AJ Cawcutt, eLogger’s Client Relations Manager

Hi! We have a lot of clients both new and old within our eLogger Family. So we thought we’d try something new and introduce ourselves in the case you haven’t met us yet! Since I’m one of the first people that will be contacting you once you’ve purchased eLogger—I’ll start!

I’m AJ Cawcutt, eLogger’s Client Relations Manager. When I started with eLogger in April 2019, this was a new role. From project management to business relations, my goal is to build and sustain strong relationships with our clients. It is in my best interest to ensure they are getting the most from the product and our incredible team! Chances are, I have already reached out to you, maybe even a couple of times. I know a lot of you work closely with our team already and I promise to not bombard you with “another call from eLogger” because your time is valuable. I will be reaching out a couple times throughout the year so that I can stay up to date with any changes and updates in hopes to make a connection. If we haven’t yet directly connected yet, feel free to reach out to me—I’d love to meet you!

Aside from my CRM role, I am a wife and mother. For a better part of the year, you’ll find us at hockey rinks cheering on our boys or soaking up the best of Minnesota rays on the lake. In addition, we tend to pile on house projects like they’re going out of style. I often get the look when I say “So… I was thinking…”. In a nutshell, we like to do all the things, staying as active as possible. It’s safe to say, my life and my career go hand in hand.

I look forward to meeting you—you can reach me at or find me on LinkedIn!

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