Meet Kevin Haley, eLogger Training Manager

Training can be defined as the process of learning the skills you need to do a particular job or activity. Sometimes, this will include the addition of new software/product implementation.  At eLogger, we take pride in our support and training departments.  We strive to offer a number of training opportunities to eLogger system administrators, who are generally the “eLogger lead” when it comes to their entire team. If you need help with any setup or configuration of eLogger, please reach out.  You can call or email us any time.

We also offer other training options:

  • System Administration and User documentation
  • In-app tutorial videos
  • Our Client Portal recorded webinars
  • Weekly, live webinars covering a variety of topics in eLogger
  • Unlimited one-on-one training where we help you build out your eLogger system

When you initially set up training you will be working with Kevin Haley, our Training Manager since 2015. He works with system administrators in all phases of setup and training.  In addition, Kevin routinely conducts the weekly webinars used as both training and refresher courses.

Outside of eLogger, Kevin and his wife Becky enjoy traveling and spending time with family. Nick, his oldest son will be getting married in November, and his two youngest Jared and Jordan are busy with college.  Kevin can be described as a sports junkie, especially when it comes to football.  You’ll often find him working out in the yard, golfing or down at the lake.

Please contact him with any training needs you may have at

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