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Fluor Marine Propulsion

We’re excited to welcome Fluor Marine Propulsion and the Department of Energy’s Naval Nuclear Lab’s Bettis Atomic Power Lab site to the eLogger customer community.

In 2023, Fluor was ranked 303 among the Fortune 500 companies. With more than 30,000 employees headquartered in Irving, Texas, Fluor has provided engineering, procurement and construction services for more than 110 years.

Fluor Marine Propulsion is the Department of Energy’s contractor who oversees the management and operation of the Naval Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) program. The NNL Program has cradle-to-grave responsibility for all naval nuclear propulsion matters and includes civilian and military personnel who design, build, operate, maintain, and manage the nuclear-powered ships and other facilities of the U.S. nuclear-powered naval Fleet.

The Naval Nuclear Laboratory includes the Bettis and Knolls Atomic Power Laboratories, the Kenneth A. Kesselring Site, and the Naval Reactors Facility which have proudly supported the nation since 1946. The Naval Nuclear Laboratory has nearly 8,000 employees working at primary locations in Pennsylvania, New York, South Carolina, and Idaho. The Naval Nuclear Laboratory also has an established presence at numerous shipyards and vendor locations around the globe.

Our new customers currently keep many of their logs on paper, with carbon transfer copies.  They’re excited to bring those records into the computer age, and we’re excited to help them do it.

So many of the people who administer and use eLogger are military veterans, with a particularly strong representation of naval veterans.  This addition to the eLogger family is so natural and welcome.


Clackamas River Water (CRW)

Please welcome new eLogger customer Clackamas River Water! CRW provides clean, safe drinking water to a population of about 50,000 directly, and up to 80,000 people are served when the populations of wholesale customers are included. CRW has operated its water treatment plant for more than 45 years of water treatment plant operation, providing water to nearly 12,000 service connections, and it also maintains a distribution system consisting of approximately 262 miles of pipeline, 15 reservoirs, and 11 pump stations.  CRW recently purchased a 10-user eLogger Anywhere license and plans to use our software to move its  logbooks off of paper.  We look forward to helping to make that project a success.

L.A. Sanitation, the City of Los Angeles’s Sanitation

Please welcome to the eLogger customer community the L.A. Sanitation, the City of Los Angeles’s Sanitation department.  LA San operates four water reclamation plants that serve over four million people within two service areas covering 600 square miles.  They’ve elected to start with eLogger at one of those plants, the Hyperion Water Reclamation Facility, which is the largest sewage plant by volume west of the Mississippi River.  With their 20-user eLogger Essential license, they plan to go digital with their manual rounds and logging.  We are excited to be their partners in that work.

eLogger Trainer Visits Apex Generation

Earlier this month, Kevin had a chance to visit sunny and (very) warm Las Vegas to work with Michael Innes, the system administrator for eLogger at Apex Generation, and some of his colleagues on Apex’s initial eLogger setup.  Apex operates a natural gas-fired combined cycle generating facility with a peak output of nearly 600 MW.

Michael is a great partner in setting up and managing Apex’s eLogger installation, and he used to work in Minnesota, so he and Kevin could do plenty of chatting about weather as they worked.

Kevin had done some prep work before his trip, arriving with several custom-built templates ready to load up into the Apex system.  By the time his 3 days visit was done, he and Michael had set up:

  • 2 locations
  • 30 log types
  • 16 prefilled entries
  • 8 scheduled entries
  • 191 (!!!!!) templates

Apex’s eLogger use is broad: rounds, startups and shutdowns, shift events, monthly checks, and the list goes on.

Thanks to Michael and his team for a great visit.  Their friendly welcome was a big help for a northern Minnesotan adjusting to temperatures that broke 110 degrees Fahrenheit.  We’re looking forward to seeing all of that setup in action.

Dashboards and Automated Entries are now live in eLogger!


Now you can display the latest value of your most important metrics in a nicely formatted and  glanceable dashboard! You can also display totals, counts, averages, min/max values and more. 

Automatically Created Entries

With automatic entry creation, you can automate scheduled email reports, shift turnovers, summary alerts, and even schedule compliance reminders for future audits.

To get started with these features, please schedule an update with our support team (

Quick Setup Guide

eLogger Trainer visits Lansing Board of Water and Light

Earlier this May, Kevin had the opportunity to work with 3 plants in the Lansing Board of Water and
Light. During his visit, he worked at a different plant each day. The first day of the visit took him to the
REO Power plant in downtown Lansing, MI. I worked with Chad Koontz and Josh Zussman on building
out their fire extinguisher inspection forms in eLogger. I showed them how they can use the prefilled
entry functionality to make it easier for the operators to collect the data.

Kevin’s second day took him to the Dye Water Plant control room to work with Michael Carie and other
operators on learning how to take their hourly readings in eLogger Anywhere; along with building out
their AED inspection checklist templates. Michael took me into the control room and explained their
water treatment process and how the whole process works. It was very interesting. We then met with
some of the operators and reviewed their hourly reading sheets. Kevin then worked with them on the
tables on how they will begin taking their hourly readings using eLogger Anywhere. After showing how
eLogger Anywhere works to take readings and syncing some test entries into eLogger, the day ended
with Michael taking Kevin around the plant and showing him the architecture and paintings. The
building was built during the Great Depression and the paintings show the effects water can have on the
land and people.

Kevin’s last day in Lansing took him to the Delta Energy Park power plant to work with Allison Schluchter
and Scott Mills. Kevin spent the day working with Allison on building out their GADS template and
custom saved search, along with a custom search and summary entry that gets emails out once a
month. It consisted of an embedded search template that pulls a month’s worth of data then gets
emailed out to people within the plant. Kevin also worked with Scott and Allison on getting their tablets
up and running so they could use eLogger Anywhere to capture their plant readings in the plant and in
the gas compressor building. The day ended with Allison taking Kevin on a tour of the plant.

I want to thank all those I met with during my trip to Lansing. You all were great to work with, and very
accommodating. It was three very productive days and I learned a great deal about the power and
water industries. – Kevin Haley


Carbon Cycle (Anaergia) is currently developing three utility-scale anaerobic digestion facilities (the first being developed in North Carolina) that will make a meaningful impact on the environment and stimulate local economies in the areas where they are constructed. In aggregate, these facilities will divert approximately 3.3 million tons of organic waste from landfills and remove the equivalent of 67.4 million gallons of petroleum-based diesel fuel from the fuel supply each and every year. When built, these anaerobic digestion facilities will be the largest of their type in the world.

Most of their affiliated operations have been using paper logs, so we’re excited to be a part of the development of these new facilities – implementing eLogger as their electronic logbook solution. From logging rounds, to integrating external systems we look forward to the growth of eLogger as they continue to develop their facilities.

eLogger Trainer Visits Dakota Gasification

Earlier this month, Kevin headed West to work on site with Dakota Gasification in Beulah, ND.  This is an area that may not be known as a vacation hotspot, but from an eLogger perspective, it was nothing short of impressive. It was Kevin’s first trip that far west into North Dakota and you could see views for days – it was so open! Even more impressive was Dakota Gasification. The plant is much bigger than expected and the tour was incredible. He had a great learning experience on the processing of natural gas and how everything is done within the plant. 

Kevin worked for three days with two great eLogger system administrators, Toni Moore and Dan Madche. They created a way to improve how they collect safety shower inspections and tank inspections in eLogger. Because of some of the improvements they were making, they were able to retire a number of logs and templates. It was a busy three days, but three days well spent. Toni and Dan were so inviting and prepared – it made for a really enjoyable site visit. Kevin walked away impressed with the way the plant operates. Thank you for welcoming him in and showing us how eLogger has been an integral part of your operations!

During his time in ND, Kevin also visited another eLogger customer – Basin Electric Power Cooperative’s Antelope Valley Power Station. He met the two system administrators, Angie Wick and Allison Zeller-Winkler. They showed him their eLogger setup and explained how the numerous plants were using eLogger to collect a great deal of data. Kevin spent a little over an hour with them talking about the data they are collecting in eLogger and their experience as system administrators. They have a substantial number of users, logs and templates – again, he walked away very impressed with what they’ve accomplished.   

“I want to personally thank Toni and Dan at Dakota Gasification, along with Angie and Allison at Antelope Valley Station for allowing me to visit and work with them on site.  I always enjoy working with clients on site and seeing what they do on a daily basis, along with seeing how they all use eLogger day in and day out.” – Kevin Haley

eLogger CEO Visits Orange Grove Energy

For our CEO, Ron, March was for traveling, and he had the opportunity to visit with some of our customers in California! Here’s his latest update in our new mini series “Mobile with Vogl”. Orange Grove Energy is a power plant located in Northern San Diego County. Operated by NAES, OGE is a peaker plant with two simple-cycle turbines, producing approximately 100 MW.

During his time there, Ron met with the Plant Manager and O&M Technician. It’s always a great pleasure to hear how they’re utilizing eLogger and seeing some of those things first hand. OGE recently started using our offline module, eLogger Anywhere, for daily rounds. In further conversation, Ron was able to point out a few more eLogger capabilities that would enhance their daily routines. More specifically, they talked about GADS reporting and ways to streamline some of that data. It’s always worth a visit when you walk out with a project plan to make our customers happy and excited to do more within eLogger!

eLogger CEO Visits Western Water

For our CEO, Ron, March was for traveling, and he had the opportunity to visit with some of our customers in California! Here’s his latest update in our new mini series “Mobile with Vogl”. Western Water is one of the largest public agencies in Riverside County providing water, wastewater (sewer), and recycled water services to nearly 1 million people, both wholesale and retail customers, across 527-square miles in western Riverside County.

Ron spent time with the Assistant Deputy Director of Operations. eLogger came into play during the pandemic and it helped them substantially through those times of transition. Having segregation among teams and needing a better way to communicate, paper logs were no longer an option. Since then, Western Water has been using eLogger for LOTO and they’re working towards implementing eLogger Anywhere, our offline module, to replace their paper log sheets. It’s always great to have the opportunity to visit with customers onsite, seeing first hand how they’re utilizing eLogger. We’re even taking some ideas back with us on ways to enhance their use!

eLogger CEO Visits DGC Larkspur Energy

For our CEO, Ron, March was for traveling, and he had the opportunity to visit with some of our customers in California! Here’s his latest update in our new mini series “Mobile with Vogl”. Larkspur is a small peaker power plant located in Southern San Diego County, California and is one of several Diamond Generating Corporation (DGC) owned plants that are eLogger customers.

Ron had a great visit with the DGC Operations Support Manager and the Larkspur Plant Manager. He learned the history of the area and how these types of plants operate. Ron is grateful for their time and the opportunity to tour the facility while he was in the area. It’s always a great experience to be able to physically see where and how eLogger is being used at the facility. Thank you for your hospitality!

eLogger CEO Visits EVM Energia

For our CEO, Ron, March was for traveling, and he had the opportunity to visit with some of our customers in Mexico! Here’s his latest update in our new mini series “Mobile with Vogl”. EVM Energia has the most modern plant in the country and the closest to Mexico City, located in a key place for the security of supply in the Valley of Mexico. They are running two central plants side by side. The first has a capacity of 100 MW, with three aeroderivative turbines configured in open cycle. The second (newer) plant is producing 850 MW and has two natural gas turbines, two heat recoverers and a steam turbine and is one of the most efficient plants in the country.

Ron met with the Plant Manager and one of the Operators on site. They had a good conversation on how eLogger has been an asset to their daily operations and spent time discussing areas of opportunity for growth. This includes integrating with other systems, utilizing graphs and getting more forms into eLogger.

EVM hit the ground running with eLogger and it was fun to see how far they’ve come with their build in less than a year!

eLogger Attended WTUI 2024

From March 24-26, an eLogger crew attended and manned a booth at the Western Turbine Users Conference (organized by WTU, Inc.).  We brought our largest ever crew, of 4 people, and man did we need all of those bodies.  What a great conference.  So many power gen eLogger customers stopped by to talk with us and partake of our official and unofficial goodies.  We always try to make it fun, and this year we had a punny lumberjack theme and ridiculous uniforms in eLogger orange.  We also gave away a Milwaukee power tool set (impact driver and hammer drill), which went to Tyson Chambers of Lincoln Electric Systems.

The WTUI leadership and staff always do such a great job, and we love that the conference is small enough that we have tight personal relationships with so many of them.  Please let us know about your favorite small conference; we’re looking for ideas. 

Placer County Water Agency

Please welcome Placer County Water Agency to the eLogger family. PWCA is the primary water resource agency for Placer County, California, with a broad range of responsibilities including water resource planning and management, retail and wholesale supply of drinking water and irrigation water, and production of hydroelectric energy. Their Middle Fork Project (MFP) has 5 interconnected hydro-electric power plants and 7 dams.

PWCA purchased eLogger with plans to use it as the primary solution, for all their logs, clearance requests, LOTOS and reporting. They will also be using eLogger capabilities to integrate with external systems, providing a “one stop shop” for daily operations and communications. We’re excited for this partnership with Place County Water Agency.

eLogger CEO Visits Coastoil

For our CEO, Ron, March was for traveling, and he had the opportunity to visit with some of our customers in Mexico! Here’s his latest update in our new mini series “Mobile with Vogl”.

Coastoil Dynamic is a two year old company that operates natural gas refining plants. One of those is a pioneering project to increase the natural gas production in one of the most important fields for Mexico and the world: Ixachi field, the fourth-highest natural and condensate gas producing deposit.  The “Perdiz” Project treats up to 180 MMPCD of sour gas through an amine sweetening process.

Ron’s visit was timely, as Coastoil was having some IT-related issues setting up our software. Ron met with the project’s manager and IT specialist involved, and they took this opportunity to dive right in. Their conversations clarified on how to resolve the issues, and eLogger is now up and running.

We are excited to be part of their journey as a new company, continuing to grow and evolve with them.

University of Missouri Research Reactor – Columbia (MURR)

Please welcome our newest customer University of Missouri Research Reactor – Columbia (MURR)! MURR is the highest-power university research reactor in the United States, operating at 10 megawatts, 6.5 days a week and 52 weeks a year. The MURR facility enables research across many disciplines – From investigating ancient cultures and how plants respond to their environment, to analyzing industrial materials and developing radiopharmaceuticals that have lifesaving clinical applications, the MURR facility is a reliable resource for researchers, scientists, engineers and students across the country.

MURR has heavily relied on their paper log books, logging everything from preventative maintenance, compliance procedures, start-ups shut downs, visitors etc. eLogger’s reporting, searching and trending will be a huge asset to their daily work – improving facility wide communication and tracking. We are excited to be partnering with them!

eLogger to attend 2024 WTUI Conference

It’s that time again! eLogger’s Ron, BJ, Jane and Susan are off to the Western Turbine User Inc. (WTUI) Conference. The 2024 WTUI conference will be held in Palm Springs, CA March 24-27, 2024 and we’d love for you to stop by and visit us in the exhibit hall.  Stay tuned for the booth number!

User Conference 2025 from BJ

What a trip! We recently returned from a trip to New Orleans scouting for the perfect spot to have our next User Conference. We found it…and learned some things along the way. I thought I’d share some perspective from someone who’s never been to Mardi Gras…starting with my biggest discovery!

Mardi Gras is not a one day event…it lasts for weeks! We thought it would be perfect to schedule the conference for the week BEFORE Fat Tuesday because all of the decor would be out and would be fun to see what Mardi Gras was all about without being in the middle of it. I arrived on Sunday ( a full week and a half before Fat Tuesday) and much to my surprise, the Uber driver told me she had to drop me off four blocks from my hotel because it was on the parade route. I seriously must have sounded like an idiot because I just did not get why there was a parade going on. Did you all know that they have multiple parades daily with different themes from Sunday through Wednesday for multiple weeks? Lesson number one, pack light, you might have to hoof it for a few blocks.

I got checked in and met the others so we could go try out this really awesome restaurant to see if it was good enough for all of you next year. We decided to walk because it’s only a couple of blocks from the hotel. How cool that there were floats still going by so we could catch a bit of the festivities. And there comes lesson number two…they throw things…not candy…they throw hard things that hurt when they hit you in the face. They pelted beads, coins, foam footballs, flipflops, umbrellas, etc. It was like they were having a contest to see who could hit the most parade viewers. No major injuries were received and we had a great dinner with our first gumbo tasting activity. We tried five in all but the first night was the best!

And so the week continued as we checked out three hotels, multiple restaurants, and several entertainment options. We think we found some winners and are busy getting them booked for next year.

But it’s not all fun and games! We’re working on the content for the conference now and identifying speakers and breakout sessions that will be new and informative for you. If you have an interest in showing off your eLogger setup for the group, let me know because there’s still room for more presenters. We all know that the best eLogger knowledge comes by learning how your peers are utilizing the software. There will be plenty of networking space as well.

I’ll keep you all informed as we learn more, but feel free to email me if you have questions. Meanwhile, take care and we’ll see you in NOLA!

BJ Lingren
President Emerita

eLogger User Conference Scouting Trip

Another scouting trip is in the books. We sure took one for the team on this one – oh the sacrifices we must make! We’re confident that taking eLogger UC 2025 to the Big Easy is a fantastic choice. NOLA did not disappoint and we’re excited to share more as we continue to finalize the details. We spent few days walking the streets of New Orleans (literally – we walked EVERYWHERE). The French Quarter and Bourbon Street are filled with incredible history, culture, architecture and music! Oh, and we can’t forget – MARDI GRAS!!! Stay tuned for more, but for now – mark your calendars for February 24-26th 2025 and join us at the birthplace of Jazz – New Orleans, Louisiana.

Morris Cogeneration

Please welcome to the eLogger Family, Morris Cogeneration. Morris Cogen is a nearly 200 MW natural gas-fired cogeneration facility located on Equistar Chemicals LP’s (Equistar) chemical plant in Morris, Illinois.

Morris Cogen purchased eLogger to replace a combination of different systems they were previously using. They wanted a single application that they could use for both electronic logging and taking rounds. They were seeking a system that would be simple for their operators, with reporting and shift turnovers being high priority. We’re excited to be partnering with them, with eLogger taking things to the next level!

eLogger Training Manager Onsite Visit with Wellhead Services, Inc.

Another great site visit in the books for our Training Manager, Kevin Haley! He has had the opportunity to work with Wellhead Services recently on two separate occasions. The first visit was at their San Diego facility. Here, Kevin and the Wellhead Team built out a number of logs and templates for their crew to do weekly checks at the three remote plants that they operate in the San Diego area. The best part about these onsite training visits is that Kevin was able to see first hand how Wellhead runs and operates their San Diego plants remotely.

The second visit was with Wellhead’s remote operations center group. Again, it was extremely valuable for Kevin to physically see how they run their remote operations center. There was a lot of action here, as they are running 11 different plants from this location! Kevin spent three days reviewing their existing setup. Based on the findings, they made a few adjustments in how they were making entries and retrieving data in eLogger, making the process seamless for all involved. In addition, Kevin had the opportunity work alongside the Wellhead Team to review both their state and federal guidelines for data they should be collecting. Together, they built this out in eLogger to easily collect data.

Before he left to come back to Minnesota, Kevin assisted in building out a startup process for one of Wellhead’s plants that is using a boiler. It’s always exciting to be involved with these operations – bringing the best of eLogger to our customers!

“ I want to thank the team at Wellhead for a great couple of site visits. Colin Orloff, Elizabeth Farr, Joseph Hughes and Tim Mann – you were all great to work with and very inviting!” – Kevin Haley, Training Manager

ORNL – UT Battelle

Please help us welcome ORNL – UT Battelle to the eLogger Family! As the largest Department of Energy science and energy laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) delivers scientific discoveries and technical breakthroughs needed to realize solutions in energy and national security and provide economic benefit to the nation.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is managed by UT-Battelle (non-profit) for the Department of Energy. They purchased eLogger to log their narrative logs and turnover sheets, enhancing their communication across the board. They are driven by their shared purpose to meet the world’s biggest challenges with intelligence, creativity, and teamwork.

Neethi Varun Joins eLogger as QA Automation Lead

Please welcome Neethi Varun! Neethi has joined eLogger as our QA Automation Lead and is hands on in shaping our QA Automation strategy and driving its implementation. His role is crucial in ensuring the reliability and quality of our software products. Neethi’s expertise will help us to identify and prevent issues, helping us to ensure a seamless and excellent user experience.

Neethi was born and raised in India, later moving to the United States to attend college. He achieved his Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology in India, and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Clemson University in SC. He brings to the table 12 years of experience building automation tools and frameworks for several applications. In addition he has lead Software Development and QA Teams for the past 8 years. Neethi has a strong background in Engineering with a majority of his career based out of New York.

Outside of work, Neethi enjoys spending time with his family, photography and coin collecting! We’re excited to have him on board, bringing his knowledge and expertise to eLogger and all of you!

2023 Year End Message from Ron

To eLogger’s Customers and Friends,

I hope this message finds you well. In case you missed the announcements earlier this year, I am thrilled to introduce myself as the new CEO of eLogger, having taken the helm from BJ back in May. As we approach the end of 2023 and look ahead, I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for your continued support and to share my enthusiasm for what awaits us in 2024.

I thank each and every one of you for being an integral part of the eLogger community. The relationships that we enjoy with our customers are the bedrock of our business. You push our products forward, you enhance our reputation within your respective industries, and you make our biennial user conferences knockout successes. Thank you.

A leadership transition brings the possibility of disruption, and I’m delighted to report that our organization has managed to avoid it. My hope and expectation is that throughout the year you’ve experienced the same fantastic service that we’ve always delivered, largely from the same eLogger staff with whom you have long-standing working relationships, some of which double as straight-up friendships. We’ve also continued to deliver product enhancements, notably including our new embedded searches feature, particularly useful for shift turnover logging. (NEW Embedded Search)

Perhaps the most impactful change to our organization in 2023 is a recent addition to our staff: in October, Ed Ioffe joined us as Director of Product Development. Ed’s job, in short, is to lead our product’s continued evolution; his hiring is an investment in future product innovation.

Ed is currently exploring several big product ideas for consideration for our 2024 product development plan, including:

  • Shift schedule management
  • Audit preparation
  • Maintenance management system integration
  • Remote-operation-center-to-operating-site data exchange
  • eLogger-managed hosting

If any of those sound exciting to you, I’d love to hear from you. I’ll get Ed on the line, and we’ll talk about your needs and how these features can work for you. Hit reply to let me know that you’re up for it.

Even if you don’t have any particular topic you want to discuss, I’m on a mission to get to know more of our customers. In 2023, I visited some of you in Michigan, Vermont, New York, and DC, and I’m determined to go further south and west in 2024, and maybe even overseas. If you’re up for a visit, please let me know. If not, how about a get-to-know-each-other phone call? Again, reply to this email if you’re game.

Speaking of traveling south, I want to make sure everyone has marked their calendars for eLogger’s next User Conference: February 24-26, 2025 in New Orleans. We’ll have lots of new feature demos, customers showing off innovative configurations, product training, sharing of best practices industry-by-industry and, of course, plenty of fun. More details coming soon.

Thank you once again for your support for and trust in eLogger. I look forward to a year filled with growth, collaboration, and shared success.

Wishing you a joyful holiday season and a prosperous New Year!



New Director of Product Development

We’re excited to welcome Ed Ioffe to the eLogger Team. Ed joined us in October of 2023 as the Director of Product Development. He’ll be working closely with the eLogger team and with our customers to deliver great product improvements large and small. Ed will lead our engineering team and run product management for us.

Ed is inspired by building teams and products that drive results. He received his degree in Computer Science at Pace University in NY. He brings to the table sixteen years of Product Management experience and has built most of his career in New York. He now resides in the Sunshine State (Florida) with his wife and three children, trading skyscrapers for palm trees.

Ed has already brought several ideas and processes to the table that have improved how we operate. We’re all excited to have him on board!

eLogger Training Manager Onsite Visit with Onward Energy

Our Training Manager, Kevin Haley, had a very productive onsite visit with one of customers in November. We have been partnered with Onward Energy since 2019 and they have continued to evolve their use of eLogger over the last handful of years. Kevin was asked to come onsite to offer his expertise, reviewing their current structure and helping to enhance Onward’s utilization across the board. Below is Kevin’s POV on his visit:

“I had a great visit with Jon Caccamise and his team at Arapahoe! On the first day, I spent a majority of my time with James, an Arapahoe control room operator along with the eLogger system administration team. We reviewed their current setup and added in more templates to make inputting data quicker and more efficient. We also set up some saved searches so the operators have data at the click of a button. At the end of my visit Mike, one of Arapahoe’s control room operators brought me on a tour of the facility – it is always nice to be able to see first-hand everything our customers have been telling us about. He gave me a thorough tour of the plant and explained the process of how they generate power.

Quick shout out to Ms. Cathy – Thank You for recommending visiting Red Rocks! This was my first time to Colorado – it was a beautiful area and I enjoyed a nice hike.

The second day was at Onward Energy’s Remote Operation Center in downtown Denver. The ROC runs all of Onward Energy’s renewable energy sites. Tony was great to work with. We built out 5 log types and a number of templates they are going to be using for data collection from their wind and solar sites all across the country.

I’d like to thank everyone at Onward Energy for a great visit. I enjoyed working with their entire team.” – Kevin Haley, eLogger Training Manager

Our goal is to ensure that you’re getting the best out of eLogger. Conducting a site visit has been valuable for both the customer and the eLogger team. Stay tuned for our customer’s point of view on their experience having eLogger onsite!


CenterPoint Energy

Please welcome our newest customer, CenterPoint Energy. CNP delivers natural gas to approximately 4 million homes and businesses in six states: Indiana, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Ohio and Texas.

We first met CenterPoint at a gas conference in April this year. In addition, they had attended a presentation by one of our customers who was showcasing how they utilize eLogger. We’re excited for this partnership and look forward to seeing CNP utilizing eLogger throughout their entire gas control operations.

Chemtrade Logistics

Please welcome to the eLogger Family, Chemtrade Logistics! They just purchased eLogger license to use at their sulphuric acid production plant in Tulsa, OK. They will be using eLogger to log rate changes, formalize a shift turnover and replace their notepad in the control room.

Chemtrade is one of North America’s largest producers of sulphuric acid, spent acid processing services, inorganic coagulants for water treatment, sodium chlorate, sodium nitrite, sodium hydrosulphite and phosphorus pentasulphide. They are also the largest supplier of high-purity sulphuric acid for the semiconductor industry in North America. We are excited to start this partnership!

Crockett Cogeneration

Please welcome our newest customer, Crockett Cogeneration.

Crockett owns and operates a 240-megawatt natural gas-fired combustion gas turbine electrical power generating plant located in Crockett, California. Crockett Cogen is owned by Hull Street Energy with O&M services provided by EthosEnergy.

Crockett needed a solution to handle their control room logs for plant conditions and events. We are excited to partner with them and look forward to getting them up and running with eLogger!

Apex Generating Station

Please welcome Apex Generating Station in Las Vegas, NV. Apex is a nearly 600 MW natural gas-fired combined cycle generating facility that is part of the Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA), operated and managed by EthosEnergy.

Apex Generating purchased our offline module eLogger Anywhere in efforts to stop using paper and manual processes. We’re excited to partner with them as they expand on utilizing eLogger for their logging needs.

Lansing Board of Water & Light – Water Production

Welcome to the eLogger family of clients, Lansing Board of Water & Light‘s Water Production department. BWL serves more than 58,000 water customers. They own more than 800 miles of underground water mains throughout the greater Lansing area. They have two water distribution facilities, the John F. Dye Water Conditioning Plant and the Wise Road Conditioning Plant. They purchased eLogger Anywhere after seeing how well eLogger has worked in the BWL Electric Department. We’re excited to expand with them as they continue to utilize eLogger across Departments.

Ron Vogl to Visit eLogger Client

Our CEO Ron Vogl, has been venturing out to visit more clients! A couple weeks ago, he had the opportunity to meet with a customer of ours who is a major hydro-electric provider in the Northeastern U.S.

This was the first time being near a turbine for our new CEO. We had to upgrade his NYC wardrobe from his suede loafers to industrial steel toed boots! The entire tour was extremely informative and gave Ron a good road map of how eLogger is used throughout their facility.

One of the big takeaways comes from the conversation they had about expanding their use of GADS reporting within eLogger. Upon Ron’s return, we have already started the process to kick off this project. We’re excited to dig in and look forward to extend this type of reporting to all of our clients!

eLogger New Release

The time has come!! We have a new release that adds new features that enhance the overall user experience, making your utilization of eLogger simple and precise. This one is BIG!

The biggest new feature is called  embedded searches! With this capability, you can record a custom search result in a log entry, commonly useful for shift turnover reports.

Some of our customers are already using our External Data Query (EDQ) functionality to do this, but embedded searches build the template for you based on the search results and let you set up your logs without any custom SQL code.

Anything you can build a saved search to find can now be included on your shift handover entries, with all of the associated power of acknowledgements/alerts/reporting.

That’s not all, we have more enhancements that you’ll benefit from!

  • A new full admin tab for Shared Searches! As frequently requested, saved searches are no longer restricted to a single user group and can easily be shared between groups. YES!
  • We have added Italian Translations, this is huge and we’re excited to add this to our list of languages we offer!

You can find the full list of release notes for our newest features in our client portal at If you’re not yet registered, you’re only a few simple clicks away to gain access to some great eLogger resources!

For more information on the new features, please contact our support team at and upgrade today!

EP Produzione

Please welcome EP Produzione to the eLogger Family! EP Produzione is the Italian electricity generation company of the Czech energy group EPH. With an overall generation capacity of around 4.4 GW, through five gas-fired plants and one coal-fired one, it is the 5th energy producer in Italy.

They are starting their eLogger odyssey at one plant, with plans to expand fleet wide. We’re really excited to bring eLogger to Italy! We look forward to the growth and expansion within our partnership.

From BJ….Bucket list

Three months ago, we transitioned ownership of eLogger to Ron Vogl,  I’m delighted to report that it’s going very well. In fact, it’s going so well that I took my first ever two week vacation and headed over to the UK for some golfing. I’m happy to report that eLogger continued operating as usual and nothing was on fire when I got back!

I’m attaching a picture of us golfing a famous golf course over there which crossed a huge item off my bucket list when we were selected to play. If you ever get the opportunity to golf in Scotland…you should probably go for it!

August Client Anniversaries

This month, we are celebrating all of our August Client Anniversaries! From 1 to 15 years, they have been partnering with eLogger from all over the world! Thank you & Happy Anniversary!

eLogger’s New CEO to Visit City of Monroe’s WWTP

Last week our CEO, Ron Vogl visited the City of Monroe Wastewater Treatment Plant, an eLogger customer in far southeastern Michigan, on the shores of Lake Huron and just a few miles north of the Ohio border.

Ron met with Ben, a newly assigned system administrator of eLogger, along with his supervisor Spencer, the city’s wastewater superintendent. Like a lot of our customers they want to digitize all of the logs that they currently keep on paper, starting with their shift turnover and inspection round logs.

Ben’s been trying to attend the regularly-scheduled training sessions that we run for our customers.  He likes them, but he’s busy, like a lot of our customers’ staff, and fitting those fixed times around his responsibilities is a challenge.  So Ron suggested some 1-on-1 time with our Training Manager, Kevin Haley.  In less than a week, Kevin and Ben are already off and running with setting up Ben’s first log templates.  They’ll soon be up and running with electronic shift turnover logs, enhancing their workflow and decreasing their paper log uses.

We have a whole team of people like Kevin dedicated to ensuring that each and every one of our clients is successful with our products, and they’re ready to help if you need them.

We’re excited to see where the City of Monroe takes eLogger. Who should Ron visit next?


eLogger’s Training Manager Visits Carroll County Energy

A couple weeks back our Training Manager, Kevin Haley, had the opportunity to travel to Ohio for a site visit with one of our clients – Carroll County. These types of visits are especially valuable for both the client and eLogger. That one on one time is crucial and allows everyone to focus on the task at hand to really dig in to what eLogger has to offer.

Kevin worked with their two lead system administrators, who were extremely helpful throughout the entire build. They worked together building templates then conducted testing on both eLogger and eLogger Anywhere to ensure everything was running smoothly. After testing, they would tweak and modify as needed to make it easy for operator use. Throughout his three-day visit, together they completed 16 logs, 7 prefilled entries, 9 scheduled entries, 91 templates, one user group and a new alert for operators during shift. Now that’s time well spent!

Kevin expressed that Carroll County was one of the cleanest plants he has ever been to. The control room and administrative building were spotless. He was able to see firsthand how the operators work during each shift, putting a great visual into the work they do within eLogger. They also included a short tour of the facilities and blackstart generator building – what a great way to see full circle how eLogger has been a part of their daily workflow!

EVM Energia

Please welcome to the eLogger family of clients EVM Energia, located in Mexico. They are operating two gas fired plants to generate electricity. EVM Energia has purchased our offline module, eLogger Anywhere. They plan to use this during their rounds conducted by field operators. eLogger will enhance their operations, communication and work load. We are excited to be working with them and look forward to a great partnership!

July Client Anniveraries

This month, we are celebrating all of our July Client Anniversaries! From 1 to 15 years, they have been partnering with eLogger from all over the world! Thank you & Happy Anniversary!

East Kentucky Power Cooperative

Please help us welcome East Kentucky Power Cooperative to our family of Clients. EKPC is a not-for-profit generation and transmission electric utility with headquarters in Winchester, Ky. The cooperative is owned and governed by 16 member-owned electricity distribution co-ops, serving more than 1 million Kentuckians.

EKPC has purchased our offline module eLogger Anywhere, to improve their daily workflow. They intend to roll out eLogger, expanding into other plants. We are excited for this partnership and look forward to growing with them!

Coastoil Dynamic

Please welcome to the eLogger family, Coastoil Dynamic. They have been processing natural gas since 2016. Coastoil a Mexico-based comprehensive global provider specializing in solutions for both onshore and offshore oil and natural gas industries.

They have purchased eLogger Anywhere, our offline module to enhance communication and streamline daily processes. We’re excited for this partnership!

To our eLogger Family and Friends,

We’re happy to announce some big changes in the eLogger world, as well as a commitment to things staying the same.

Twenty years ago we unknowingly embarked on a life-changing journey that would change our career paths and build a company that would allow us to work with some absolutely incredible people and companies. Back then, it was just the two of us: BJ’s understanding of industrial operations and Andrew’s understanding of how to build software, plus a whole lot of hoping we could convince some of you to entrust your operations to our vision. At first it was just one or two customers, and then it was a few more, and now you number in the hundreds. Thank you. Today, just as back then, we continue to be determined to uphold your trust in us in the most straightforward way: by delivering ever-better software that works the way you work.

Our operation now has twelve people, hardly a big company but more than we dared to dream of back at the beginning, and, more to the point, more than either of us ever envisioned managing. In considering what might be best for our customers, our employees, and our business, we started to think about how great it would be to add extra management expertise to allow us to focus on the things we love to do and are best at. Those thoughts eventually led us here:

We’re pleased to introduce you to Ron Vogl, the new CEO and majority owner of eLogger. He has a ton of experience in the software business, and he cares just as much as we do about delivering for you. Neither of us are going anywhere any time soon; but under Ron’s leadership, we’re excited to take eLogger’s products and business to a new level.

We’d be happy to talk over any concerns that you might have about this transition, over email, on the phone, or in person. Just drop us a line if you want to talk.

– BJ and Andrew


As I read BJ and Andrew’s words above, they resound with the two things I love most about eLogger, my two highest priorities in carrying the business forward.

The first is the focus on customer value and customer service. What got me into software in the first place, way back in high school when I got a summer job doing some programming, is the satisfaction in seeing people work better with the software I was making. And what later brought me to the business side of the industry is the conviction that the central mission of any successful software business is ensuring that customers consistently achieve the benefits that its products provide.

The second is the personal bonds. The depth of the relationships between and among eLoggians (if I may) and our customers and users is truly remarkable. I feel as if I am marrying into an extended family that is at the same time sprawling and close-knit.

Rest assured that continuity is very important to me, just as it is for BJ and Andrew.  You can expect the same wonderful employees, the same excellent product, and the same exceptional service that have always been the core of eLogger’s business.

I’d love to get to know this great family better, so I extend a similar invitation to BJ and Andrew’s one above: I’d love to chat. If you’re game, just let me know, and we’ll make it happen.


Vanderbilt University

Please welcome our eLogger Family of clients, Vanderbilt University. They are starting off with eLogger Anywhere to use in their powerhouse to eliminate paper tracking and help with trending and accident avoidance. The goal is to further expand into more departments – utilizing eLogger to its fullest potential.
Vanderbilt is a private research university in Nashville, Tennessee. It offers more than 70 undergraduate majors and a full range of graduate and professional programs. The university comprises ten schools and enrolls approximately 13,800 students from the US and over 100 foreign countries.
We’re excited to be partnering with another University!

Liberty Utilities – Central Region (Empire District)

Please welcome Liberty Utilities‘ Central Region plants to our family of clients! Liberty provides water, wastewater, natural gas and electric services to over 804k customers primarily in North America.

Their Central Region is made up of seven (7) plants. Initially, they will be using eLogger at their two largest plants; Riverton and State Line as they roll things out. They have purchased eLogger Anywhere to utilize the benefits of eLogger while offline, enhancing daily communication and workflow.

We’re excited to continue our partnership with Liberty Utilities, expanding into more plants along the way!


eLogger Attends AGA

The eLogger team was rocking the swag at the AGA conference in Grapevine, TX earlier this month. Always a pleasure to meet with our eLogger customers and others new to logging. Big thanks to National Grid for inviting us to speak with them after being partnered with them for more than 15 years.

Cascade Power Project

Please welcome to the eLogger Family Cascade Power Project! Cascade Power is a 900 megawatt (MW) combined cycle natural gas-fired power generation facility in Alberta. This new plant will lead the transition to clean electricity generation in Alberta as the province transitions off coal-fired power. Cascade is expected to be the largest and most efficient combined cycle power plant in the province.

We are excited to be partnering with this new plant, helping to streamline processes and every day communication right from the start. Everything they utilize eLogger for will be recorded, searchable and captured as they evolve – how cool!

May Client Anniversaries

This month, we are celebrating all of our May Client Anniversaries! From 1 to 14 years, they have been partnering with eLogger from all over the world! Thank you & Happy Anniversary!

eLogger to Attend AGA

We are looking forward to seeing our natural gas clients and friends at the AGA Operations Conference & Biennial Exhibition from May 1-4 in Grapevine, TX.  Stop by and visit BJ, Jane, and Susan at Booth #1501 or alternatively, you can catch our Wednesday (May 3rd) 3:20 pm presentation on Achieving Operational, Compliance, and Communication Efficiencies with eLogger co-presented with National Grid.

The annual AGA Operations Conference is the natural gas industry’s premier gathering of natural gas utility and transmission company operations management from across North America and the world for the sharing of technical knowledge, ideas and practices to promote the safe, reliable, and cost-effective delivery of natural gas to the end-user. The Operations Conference is AGA’s largest forum with regularly more than 900 operations management in attendance, including 100 speakers, and over 120 technical presentations that run the gamut of topics, such as gas measurement, operations advocacy, safety, environment, storage, engineering, construction and maintenance, gas control, supplemental gas, corrosion control and piping materials.

Pattern Energy

Please welcome Pattern Energy! Pattern Energy develops, constructs, owns, and operates utility-scale wind, solar, transmission, and energy storage projects worldwide (USA, Canada, Japan, and Mexico). They are headquartered in San Francisco, CA with an operations center in Houston, TX. They purchased eLogger Essential to use at their 24/7 operations and transmission desks in TX for their outages, shift turnover reports, NERC requirements for audits, and to replace their internal SharePoint system that they are currently using. Additionally, their regulatory and compliance personnel will be using eLogger to extract the operational data for their reporting needs.


April Client Anniversaries

This month, we are celebrating all of our April Client Anniversaries! From 2 to 17 years, they have been partnering with eLogger from all over the world! Thank you & Happy Anniversary!

Portside Energy

Please welcome Portside Energy in Portage, IN. They are a small 63 MW power plant that supplies process steam, hot softened water, and electricity to United States Steel’s Midwest Plant operations. They are one of five plants owned by Primary Energy, a leader in energy recycling that converts wasted energy produced by industrial processes into electric power and thermal energy streams.

Portside Energy purchased eLogger Anywhere to use for their daily logs, rounds, and other reporting needs. We’re excited to be partnering with you!

eLogger Attended WTUI

Such a pleasure to finally be back to in-person conferences. We recently attended WTUI in San Diego after a four year hiatus and had a blast networking with eLogger clients and others that we haven’t seen in so long. Congratulations to Jarrett Berezan of Capital Power for winning the iPad drawing!


Help us welcome Allnex to our eLogger Family. Allnex is a leading global producer/provider of industrial coating resins, crosslinkers and additives for use on wood, metal, plastic, and many other surfaces. They have 33 manufacturing facilities and 23 research and technology support centers globally and serve customers in over 100 countries. They recently purchased eLogger to use at their Willow Island, West Virginia location to enhance daily communication throughout the plant.

Lower Colorado River Authority

Please welcome the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) in Texas! They purchased our eLogger Essential system to use across all of their generation facilities to replace an existing internal system they’ve been using.

LCRA provides public power, manages the lower Colorado River, builds and operates transmission lines, owns public parks, and offers community services. We are very excited to be working with them and expanding their use of eLogger across all facilities!

City of Santa Rosa

Please welcome the City of Santa Rosa to the eLogger Family. They purchased eLogger to upgrade their current paper log keeping methods at their Laguna Treatment Plant wastewater operations. The plant recycles approximately 7 billion gallons of wastewater each year and serves approximately 230,000 residents in Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Cotati, Sebastopol, and unincorporated portions of Sonoma County. We’re excited to see how they utilize and grow eLogger within their facilities.

March Client Anniversaries

This month, we are celebrating all of our March Client Anniversaries! From 2 to 12 years, they have been partnering with eLogger from all over the world! Thank you & Happy Anniversary!

eLogger to Attend WTUI

It’s that time again! eLogger’s BJ,  Jane and Josh are off to the Western Turbine User Inc. (WTUI) Conference. The 2023 WTUI conference will be held in San Diego, CA March 12-15, 2023. Stop by and visit us at Booth #410.

WTUI is a membership organization of GE LM2500, LM5000, LM6000, and LMS100 users, manufacturers, and suppliers. The organization is a California corporation funded through annual membership and conference fees. WTUI was founded in 1990 and has approximately 80 power plant facilities and represents over 100 suppliers and more than 1,100 members spread over 20 countries. OEMs and suppliers support WTUI through their participation in the annual conference and in technical discussions.

eLogger User Conference – Thank You

From all of us here at eLogger – Thank You for attending our 20 Year Celebration! Our goal was to bring new ideas, lots of value and encourage networking amongst our clients. Though there is not enough time in a day, we think it was a success! We hope you left Palm Springs with new excitement and opportunity to enhance your eLogger experience.

eLogger New Release

We’re excited to share some of the new features presented at the User Conference last week.  The current version of eLogger is 2022.4.12 so if that’s not what you’re running, you’re going to want to schedule an upgrade because there’s some pretty cool new features available.  Contact  to schedule your upgrade.

February Client Anniversaries

This month, we are celebrating all of our February Client Anniversaries! From 2 to 10 years, they have been partnering with eLogger from all over the world! Thank you & Happy Anniversary!

Josh Hogan Joins eLogger as Technical Sales Representative

Josh Hogan joined us this January as a Technical Sales Representative. He works alongside the sales team to generate new leads, perform demonstrations and work directly with new and existing clients to evaluate eLogger’s various use-cases and benefits.

In 2017, he was honorably discharged as a Sergeant from the Marine Corps. He then went on to graduate from UWS in December of 2020 with a Bachelor degree in Information Technology. Josh is experienced in network administration and has great knowledge in IT. He interned with eLogger the summer of 2021, landing him a few steps ahead on product knowledge and clientele. We’re excited to have him back, digging deeper into his role as the Tech Sales Rep. Welcome to the Team, Josh!

Susan Nash Joins eLogger as Senior Account Executive

Susan Nash joined the eLogger Team this January as a Senior Account Executive. She works in partnership with our sales team conducting eLogger presentations and demonstrations, offering specific solutions to current and prospective clients – expanding overall operations.

Susan has a strong background in sales, marketing and hospitality. She has been deeply involved in her Community and Organizations throughout Northern Minnesota. A great fit for a growing department, we can’t wait to see what she brings to the table! Welcome to the Team, Susan!

BayWa r.e.

Please welcome BayWa r.e. to the eLogger Family of clients. BayWa r.e. is a leading global renewable energy developer and service provider, delivering end-to-end project solutions, ongoing operations management and is an Independent Power Producer with an expanding energy trading business. They have successfully brought over 5 GW of renewable energy online, while managing over 10.5 GW of assets. BayWa r.e. is 100% carbon neutral and operates in 30 countries. They purchased our eLogger Essential system to use at their Remote Operations Control Center (ROCC) in California. We’re excited to grow this partnership!

January Client Anniversaries

This month, we are celebrating all of our January Client Anniversaries! From 1 to 19 years, they have been partnering with eLogger from all over the world! Thank you & Happy Anniversary!

Lansing Board of Water & Light

The Lansing Board of Water & Light is Michigan’s largest municipally-owned public utility with 100,000 electric and 58,000 water customers throughout the greater Lansing, MI area. They are incorporating both eLogger and eLogger Anywhere to use for their electric generation operations. They own five (5) plants: Delta Energy Park, Erickson Plant, Eckert Station Plant, REO Town Cogeneration Plan and Peffley Chiller Plant – we are so excited for this partnership and look forward to growing along with them.

Client Anniversaries – December

This month, we are celebrating all of our December Client Anniversaries! From 1 to 16 years, they have been partnering with eLogger from all over the world! Thank you & Happy Anniversary!


Compass Minerals

Welcome Compass Minerals to the eLogger family. They purchased eLogger to use at their Goderich, Ontario location to replace an outdated internal database solution that they use for plant operations, maintenance, and communication along with various production and scheduling reports. Compass Minerals is a leading global provider of essential minerals. They operate 12 production and packaging facilities with nearly 2,000 employees throughout the U.S., Canada and the U.K. and even have a packaging plant in Duluth, MN (close to eLogger’s home)!

Client Anniversaries – November

This month, we are celebrating all of our November  Client Anniversaries! From 2 to 15 years, they have been partnering with eLogger from all over the world! Thank you & Happy Anniversary!

Florida Keys Electric Cooperative

Please welcome Florida Keys Electric Cooperative. They are a distribution (non-generation) cooperative with 33,000 customer-accounts and maintain a 138,000-volt transmission line, which brings power from the mainland to the Florida Keys. They purchased eLogger to use for their phone logs, dispatch, oil spills, trip outs, clearance requests, and switching orders. We’re excited to be working with them, helping to enhance their daily work.

Client Anniversaries – October

This month, we are celebrating all of our October Client Anniversaries! From 1 to 9 years, they have been partnering with eLogger from all over the world! Thank you & Happy Anniversary!

Par Pacific U.S. Oil & Refining Co. (Tacoma)

Welcome to the eLogger Family – U.S. Oil & Refining Co., Par Pacific’s Tacoma, WA refinery. Par’s U.S. Oil & Refining Co., is a key supplier of refined products to Tacoma and the Pacific Northwest. They produce high-quality motor, aviation and marine fuels, and are a leading in-state (and the only local) producer of asphalt.

Par Pacific already uses eLogger at their Hawaii refinery where they produce jet fuel for tourism and low sulfur fuel oil to supply the local utilities, as well as ground transportation for their retail operations.

We’re excited to be growing this partnership and expanding within the Par Pacific Operations!

September Client Anniversaries

This month, we are celebrating all of our September Client Anniversaries! From 2 to 15 years, they have been partnering with eLogger from all over the world! Thank you & Happy Anniversary!

Ector County Generation

Please welcome Ector County Generation to our client family. Ector County Generation, a 330 MW gas-fired power plant in Goldsmith, TX, used eLogger while under different ownership/management and wanted to continue their success under the new ownership. They are familiar with how eLogger saves them time, money and significantly improves communication keeping daily processes running smooth. We’re excited to continue this partnership, expanding and evolving together.

eLogger User Conference 2023

We’re beyond thrilled to be kicking things off again! Even though we’ve been quietly working behind the scenes for a while now, we’re ready to say it loud for all the people in the back – THIS IS HAPPENING! User Conference 2023 is in the works. Clear your calendars folks – we can’t wait to see you! February 13th-15th 2023, Palm Springs California – Third times a charm!!

Stay tuned as we continue to roll out the details!

August Client Anniversaries

This month, we are celebrating all of our August Client Anniversaries! From 1 to 14 years, they have been partnering with eLogger from all over the world! Thank you & Happy Anniversary!

Lubbock Power & Light (Grid Operations)

Please welcome Lubbock Power & Light‘s Grid Operations group to eLogger! They purchased eLogger to use for their Transmission and Distribution activities. Lubbock Power & Light has been partnering with eLogger for 7 years with their electric generation production side. They understand the benefits of eLogger and have now expanded into more departments – this is always exciting!

LP&L is the third largest municipal electric utility in Texas. They serve more than 101,000 electric meters and own and maintain 4,300 square miles of power lines and three power plants in and around the City of Lubbock, Texas.


Please welcome to our eLogger family of clients, onsemi! onsemi is a leader in intelligent power and sensing technologies. As a dominant semiconductor manufacturer with over 80,000 different parts and a global supply chain, onsemi serves tens of thousands of customers across hundreds of markets. They are headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, with 51 Design and Solution Engineering Centers and 22 Manufacturing Sites in 10 countries. We’re excited to be working with them as they utilize eLogger as best practice for security and daily communication.

July Client Anniversaries

This month, we are celebrating all of our July Client Anniversaries! From 1 to 14 years, they have been partnering with eLogger from all over the world! Thank you & Happy Anniversary!

Halifax Electric Membership Corporation

Please join us in welcoming our newest client, Halifax EMC (Electric Membership Corporation) to eLogger! Located in North Carolina, Halifax Electric Membership Corporation is a rural electric cooperative that serves parts of Halifax, Martin, Nash, and Warren Counties. Halifax EMC was the sixth electric cooperative to be established in North Carolina. They have been serving their members for over 80 years and were looking to digitize their paper logbooks. We’re excited to dive into this partnership!

Mid-Georgia Cogen

Please welcome Mid-Georgia Cogen to our eLogger family. Mid-Georgia Cogen is a 323 MW gas-fired power plant located in Kathleen, Georgia. Previously, they used eLogger while under different management and wanted to continue their success under the new ownership. They are familiar with how eLogger saves them time, money and significantly improves communication keeping daily processes running smooth. We’re excited to continue this partnership, expanding and evolving together.

June Client Anniversaries

This month, we are celebrating all of our June Client Anniversaries! From 1 to 11 years, they have been partnering with eLogger from all over the world! Thank you & Happy Anniversary!

May Client Anniversaries

This month, we are celebrating all of our May Client Anniversaries! From 1 to 13 years, they have been partnering with eLogger from all over the world! Thank you & Happy Anniversary!

eLogger Site Tune Ups!

We are scheduling site tune ups again! If you’ve been utilizing eLogger for a year or more and are current with your maintenance, you are eligible to schedule. We currently have openings on our calendar.

There are so many benefits to scheduling.

  • This is a free consultation with the entire eLogger Team! A new set of eyes on your configuration is sure to bring many suggestions for increased efficiency and helpful hints for your operations.
  • We will walk you through any tips and tricks on how to enhance what you’re already doing, making it even easier to use eLogger. Less, is more!
  • It’s the perfect time to ask questions, suggest enhancements & learn – we have our developers on the call and they are eager for you to point out areas of improvement to make eLogger even better.
  • We suggest upgrading to the newest version, prior to the site tune up – this way we can show you how the newest features benefit your daily work.
  • There is ALWAYS a take away!

To get yours on our calendar this summer, contact AJ Cawcutt at for availability.

April Client Anniversaries

This month, we are celebrating all of our April Client Anniversaries! From 1 to 16 years, they have been partnering with eLogger from all over the world! Thank you & Happy Anniversary!

Castle Pines Metropolitan District

Please welcome to the eLogger family of clients, Castle Pines Metropolitan District out of Castle Rock, Colorado. The District became operational in 1981 and began providing water treatment and distribution, sanitary sewer collection, roadway maintenance and storm drainage maintenance services to the households and commercial areas in the Village.

One of our clients, CORE Electric Coop (IREA), was kind enough to give them an in person glimpse of how they utilize their system – CPMD was instantly wowed. We love when clients refer others to eLogger! Castle Rock will retire their current OMS system, replacing it with eLogger and has plans to interface with their SCADA system. Eventually they will also bring eLogger Anywhere, our offline module, into their daily routines. Welcome, we’re excited to be working with you!

Neal Patel Joins eLogger as Senior Developer

eLogger is pleased to announce the addition of a new developer to our team. We’d like to introduce Neal Patel. As a trusted integral part of our customers’ operations, we understand the importance of what we offer. Neal will work alongside our Vice President of Software Development, contributing to improvements in eLogger’s products, services, and processes.

Neal has his Master’s Degree in Computer Science from California State University and is joining us with over fifteen years of experience in software development. We’re excited to be adding such talent and look forward his efforts towards modernizing and scaling our flagship software platform, driving the technology behind our next level of growth.

Let’s give a big welcome to Neal!

March Client Anniversaries

This month, we are celebrating all of our March Client Anniversaries! From 1 to 11 years, they have been partnering with eLogger from all over the world! Thank you & Happy Anniversary!

Proman USA

Please welcome Proman USA in Pampa, TX! The Pampa plant began production in 2015 and is producing 225 metric tons of methanol per day. In addition to standard daily and shift-turnover logs, they will use eLogger to capture, store, and report on lab results and safety activity as well as contractor management. Proman chose eLogger because they’re looking for a robust, scalable system and a partner who is equally invested in continuous innovation; resulting in a platform that they can use for multi-purposes as they expand and build new facilities in the future. We’re excited to be working with them!

Client Anniversaries – February

This month, we are celebrating all of our February Client Anniversaries! From 1 to 9 years, they have been partnering with eLogger from all over the world! Thank you & Happy Anniversary!

Customer Care…Training

What you might not have known is that Kevin was a teacher for sixteen years prior to becoming your go to guy at eLogger. With a history of teaching, training and problem solving, he leads our clients in customer care. Kevin is here at the start to assist in set up and configuration. He assists clients with template building, hosts weekly webinars, also develops and hosts specialty class webinars.

Did you know that he also does one on one training catered to your own customized eLogger?

We are constantly evolving and the ideas come from our clients and partners! Kevin hears and sees a need for these enhancements. He assists in writing the documentation and validation instructions for each new version of eLogger and eLogger anywhere.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need a hand.  Email: Phone: (218) 389-7800

Customer Care….CRM

When it comes to our clients, our goal is to provide top notch service to ensure satisfaction and longevity. Meet AJ Cawcutt, our Client Relationship Manager. Her priority is to make sure our clients are happy and stay connected with each of them long term.

AJ is focused on learning the ins and outs of their company, including celebrations, Milestones, transitions, anything up and coming that we can help with. Building strong relationships with clients goes beyond just taking care of issues that arise, we want to be proactive in everything we do so that we can accommodate and make sure they are getting the best out of eLogger every single day.

Once you purchase eLogger or eLogger anywhere, she takes it from there acting as the liaison between the entire team. We approach every client relationship like we intend to keep it forever, because we do.

If you haven’t already connected with AJ, feel free to reach out!   Email:  Phone: (218) 389-4456

Customer Care….Sales

As the entry point for any new customer, our Sales Department is often the first conversation with eLogger any prospective client has. We like to take that opportunity to set a pace we can keep, starting the discussion by exploring what our client needs. We know that nobody understands your work better than you. At the end of the day, the reason customers choose us is less because our software is amazing (although it is), and more about how amazing it is *for them*. At eLogger, our customer service starts at the sale, not after.

Likewise, our sales team doesn’t stop here either. They are also the go-to for existing clients looking to expand their eLogger to other facilities and divisions of the company, or for enterprise-wide adoption of eLogger.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need a hand!  Email: Phone: (855) 579-6277

eLogger Online Resources….Training/Maintenance

Are you getting the most from your maintenance contract with eLogger? Over the next few weeks we will be posting some of the benefits that come with being a current maintenance customer. Keep an eye out on Mondays for more info. To make sure you are always in the know, please subscribe here:


If you are a self-learner or work at a time that makes it hard to attend training sessions, then this post is for you!

Within our software, there are two different sets of training manuals available. A user manual designed for standard users and another manual designed for eLogger System Admins.

For the standard user manual, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Help link from any non-System Administrator page. This manual will outline all of the features currently available to you and basic instructions on how to use them. Release Notes are also available to outline any enhancements that have been made recently.

eLogger System Administrators can click on the System Administration tab and scroll to the bottom of any of the System Admin pages. Just like the user side, there is a Help manual to outline eLogger features as well as the Release Notes for this version. Access to short videos explaining how to perform common admin tasks in eLogger is available off of any System Administrator page as well.

Our Client Portal hosts many additional resources beyond what is in the software. This includes archived Release Notes as well as preconfigured templates that can be downloaded and used in your eLogger installation. If you’re looking for icons to associate with your different logs, there’s an icon library available as well. The eLogger Webinars option includes many training videos and webinars so even if you aren’t running the latest version of eLogger, you can still see the various webinars run in your current version.

Interested in accessing the client portal but you don’t have a user id? Simply request one here:  (please note, this is a separate login from your eLogger software).

We would love your feedback if you would like to see some additional online content added. Feel free to drop us an email at

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We have some clients with multiple locations. Please be specific as to plant name.

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