eLogger is proud to maintain affiliations with the following industry-leaders in their respective spaces. These strong partnerships allow us to combine our products and services to provide an overall better solution for our clients.

The PI System, from OSIsoft

Whether it’s because we share so many industries and clients, or whether it’s because we have a common mission to transform plant and operational data into actionable information and greater value, or whether it’s because the PI System from OSIsoft, now part of AVEVA, is the most frequent integration request we get, the PI System is a logical partner for eLogger.

As the premier provider of electronic logbook solutions, eLogger works with some of the most reputable, respected leading energy, water/wastewater, oil, gas, utilities, mining, chemical and manufacturing companies in the world. And the PI System is the leading industrial operations data management platform in these essential sectors.

Amassing and joining real-time data sets from the PI System with operator-generated events, information, and narrative in eLogger not only offers immediate access to information but holistic insight into plant and field operations. Leveraging our collective technology in this way offers opportunities to harness valuable intelligence that will improve efficiencies and compliance, mitigate risk, save time, money on equipment, staffing hours, even audit penalties, help plan for upgrades and repairs, and avoid costly outages and shutdowns. Now imagine those benefits, compounded over one year, or five.

Like bacon and eggs are perfect partners, so are actionable information and operational success. Efficiencies and greater business value, like macaroni and cheese, go hand-in-hand. And like safety and reliability, the PI System is a natural partner and perfect complement for eLogger.

For more information, or to inquire about integrating your eLogger with your PI System, please contact us at


eLogger and Panasonic TOUGHBOOK® offer rugged, reliable mobile logging solutions that help our clients create, capture and deliver data of all types, where, when and how it is needed. Both eLogger and TOUGHBOOK are built for the common industries we serve, including power, gas, water/wastewater, utilities, oil, chemical, manufacturing, government, mining, and aerospace, and the challenging environments they face. eLogger’s stable electronic logbook platform combined with a TOUGHBOOK handheld, tablet or computer device that can withstand drops, spills, dust, heat and grime offers a best-in-class mobile logging solution that is equally reliable and durable; enabling operators to get the job done faster, safer, and efficiently and keep operations running smoothly. eLogger is certified to run on a variety of both Android™ and Windows TOUGHBOOK devices. For more information please contact us at or visit

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK® is a global leader in rugged mobile technology used to keep people and organizations connected and help them gather critical information in extreme environments.


From Windows to SQL Server to Office and more, Microsoft is the dominant operating system and provider of critical software applications that all of our clients rely on. We (our business and our product) rely on them too. Further, our clients are some of the global leaders in the power, gas, water/wastewater, utilities, oil, chemical, manufacturing, government, mining, and aerospace industries where safety, security, compliance and real-time operational-awareness are critical.  For eLogger, remaining abreast and ahead of broader changes in technology is a necessity. Thus, eLogger has been a certified Microsoft partner since 2002 -nearly two decades. As a member of the Microsoft Partner network, we gain access to an ecosystem of Microsoft tools, programs, insights, and technical support. Our clients can be assured we have the resources to assist in resolving their technical issues, stay ahead of the technology curve, and drive the development of innovative improvements and applications we offer our clients so they can achieve more with eLogger.  For more information please contact us at or

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