Perennial Power – Hermiston Generating Plant

Perennial Power’s Hermiston Generating Plant has purchased eLogger, with the intention of consolidating and streamlining their current logbooks. Perennial’s goal is to simplify, organize, and improve existing logbook practices using eLogger as part of that broader effort. With a myriad of power generation clientele, eLogger is prepared to support those efforts, offering one platform in which Perennial can create a centralized repository of operational information: culling data from other programs, creating accurate and legible logbook entries, as well as supporting existing workflow and connecting staff to a more comprehensive view of total plant operations. Ultimately, this kind of singular access to overall operational information provides unprecedented opportunity to leadership, as well as operators. eLogger looks forward to supporting Perennial in these efforts.

Perennial Power Holdings is unique in the independent power production (IPP) industry. Perennial Power was established in 2002 by Sumitomo Corporation to invest in independent power plants in North America and to facilitate Sumitomo’s expansion in the global IPP market.

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