In all of our experience with electronic logging, we seldom see two companies doing shift turnovers the same way. For that reason, eLogger offers a number of ways to get the information you’re looking for. This video demonstrates one method of creating a Shift Turnover Report. There are many more methods available. Let eLogger help you capture the information you need in a single, easy to read entry/report.

  • Capture all events important to your facility
  • Totally customizable to fit the needs of your facility
  • Can include metrics from other systems
  • Can generate PDF report to print, save or send as an attachment in automated emails you set up.


eLogger can import data from OLE DB/ODBC-compliant sources, such as PI or other data historians, maintenance management systems, or enterprise systems. This can also be used to summarize multiple eLogger records and roll them into a single entry. Importing Exporting Fact Sheet

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