SVCW – Silcon Valley Clean Water (formerly South Bayside System Authority)

South Bayside System Authority (SBSA) is the latest wastewater treatment facility to begin use of eLogger in their operations.

The SBSA serves more than 200,000 people and business in the San Francisco Bay area. By effectively treating wastewater at an advanced, two stagebiological treatment facility, the SBSA helps keep San Francisco Bay environmentally clean and safe. The treatment plant uses bacteria to remove organic material from the wastewater it treats. Sewage arrives at the plant through a series of pipelines and pump stations. The sewage then passes through physical and biological processes which result in high quality effluent being discharged to the deep water channel of the San Francisco Bay. The SBSA facility is designed to remove more than 97% of all solids, organic material and pathogens from the wastewater.

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