Taking eLogger Offline

We are so excited to announce that we are taking eLogger offline with the release of our new product, eLogger Anywhere, available April 3rd. It’s a fully offline version of your electronic logs. You can access the features and flexibility of eLogger anytime and anywhere. It’s perfect for rounds or entries in facilities with spotty Wi-Fi, or even for plants with remote locations. eLogger Anywhere is accessible on any modern mobile device, tablet, PC, or smartphone. It connects to your eLogger database with the click of a button. You can sync and save the entries when you’re back in network range.

For more information and pricing on eLogger Anywhere, contact our sales department.

General: 855.579.6277 info@elogger.com
Jane Fitzpatrick: 218.499.0431 jfitzpatrick@elogger.com
Anna Tennis: 218.206.0015 atennis@elogger.com

We look forward to working with you on starting up eLogger Anywhere!

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