Transcendia (formerly Transilwrap Company Inc.)

eLogger is excited to welcome two Transcendia (formerly Transilwrap Company) facilities to our eLogger family of clients. They will be utilizing eLogger for logging shift reports, production notes, equipment problems, process control changes, team staffing, unplanned events and unsafe conditions. They’ll also be using the software to track recurring tasks. eLogger’s versatile functionality allows for all of these events to be tracked all in one software system.

These specialty films businesses have over 50 years of expertise in providing film solutions used in medical, packaging and industrial markets and specializes in the production of blown oriented polystyrene films and co-extruded multilayer barrier and polyolefin films for global customers, through manufacturing and R&D facilities in Hebron, Ohio and Drusenheim, France.

Transcendia, is the premier value-added manufacturer, converter and distributor of specialty film products, customizing plastic film structures to provide customers with film materials that meet the needs of each market application. Transcendia provides specialized manufacturing and converting services including liquid and extrusion coating, sheet extrusion, specialized compounding and a wide-range of precision converting including slitting, sheeting, embossing, perforating, magnetic striping, security and specialty printing. Transcendia serves a diverse customer base for a wide range of end markets including Packaging, Industrial, Security ID, Healthcare and Display Advertising. Transcendia is headquartered in Franklin Park, IL and operates 10 manufacturing and converting facilities throughout North America and 3 in Europe.

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