Upper Peninsula Power Company

The Upper Peninsula Power Company (UPPCO) has chosen eLogger to simplify power plant operations and consolidate operational information from disparate systems. eLogger is happy to support UPPCO by offering them a vehicle by which plant management can quickly, accurately, and easily access overall operational activity. Using eLogger, UPPCO can create secure, consistent entries, improving shift-to-shift and overall staff communications, as well as easily retrieve information based on criteria of their own design.

UPPCO serves approximately 52,000 electric retail customers in 10 U.P. counties. The company’s service territory of 4,460 square miles covers primarily rural countryside. The company’s assets include seven hydroelectric renewable energy generation facilities and two combustion turbines providing a total generation capacity of approximately 80 megawatts, as well as approximately 3,500 miles of electric distribution lines and 58 distribution substations.

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